The School of Management Studies (SMS), under the aegis of Lingaya's University, started functioning from the academic session 2004-05 with the very purpose of proliferating Management education and thus contributing towards economic development at the national level by creating skilled managers and entrepreneurs to serve for ever-changing global business environment in the industry. Unequivocal focus on innovative methods of teaching through industry-led interface underpinned by appropriate facilities ranging from world-class infrastructure, futuristic curriculum and top placement opportunities to business incubation facilities.

SMS has, over the years, gained reputation as one of India’s finest B Schools to learn the art of Business Management and leadership. It’s no wonder that the School is producing graduates capable of advanced analytical and critical thinking skills who can make a lasting impact in their chosen professions.

SMS is a blend of innovation, perfection and creation. It promotes faculty and doctoral research, consultancy, training and outreach activities in manufacturing, corporate, infrastructural, services and developmental sectors. Our faculty organizes on-campus seminars, and actively participates in external seminars, executive and faculty development and PG programs.

The campus is well equipped with infrastructural and instructional facilities to promote assertive teaching-learning environment. The syllabus is penned down after extensive discussions with various industry experts in a way to give an edge to our students. While we continue to involve business honchos as experts in our Academic Council, we ensure that the course encompasses relevant activities which eventually leads to a better performance at job.

Here, we ensure that every student emerges as a total professional i.e. as one with a distinct individuality to lead and galvanize the process of transformation in the 21st century. It intends to help students discover their various facets and attain their true potential.

The broad Vision of the School is to strive to achieve excellence in management education, research, training and consultancy. Accordingly, the Programs offered have a large component of working in real world situations under the careful guidance of mentors.

The School of Management Sciences (SMS) stands out as a leading center of excellence for management studies. The center was established in the year 2009 with a vision to create world-class managers, entrepreneurs, and change leaders who are able to create new benchmarks of professional excellence in the industry. The department offers 3 programs: BBA, BCom (Hons) and MBA. In the dual - specialization MBA program, we offer specializations in Human Resource Management, Marketing, Finance and International Business.  We are going to introduce more streams in the curriculum.

Our essential strong pillars include our intellectual capital, a robust industry-oriented curriculum and innovative learning delivery that includes training by industry mentors, industry visits, case study workshops and graded evaluation, live projects, workshops, seminars, conferences and guest lectures. We have a separate career development cell for our students the purpose of which is to impart knowledge and skills and meet the manpower requirements of the industry. Not surprisingly we have exemplary students and illustrious alumni network spread across the globe.

Our faculty members are seasoned professionals and come with a rich industrial and academic experience. We ensure that students are abreast with latest trends and technologies through our regular teaching learning process and additional enrichment programs.

We are dedicated to the advanced quality of education with a futuristic outlook and enhanced and embedded employability certifications in every specialization. We have an excellent departmental library as well as a central library in the University.  Inventiveness and transformation are the main characteristics of the School of Management Sciences. We have developed the rigorous syllabi that aim to develop future managers to become outstanding entrepreneurs and business professionals of tomorrow with the right attitude, analytical and problem solving skills through experiential pedagogy. Programs in Management are the flagship amongst all programs of Lingaya’s University. School of Management Sciences has been ranked No. 1 by NIRF (National Institutional Ranking Framework) in Haryana and it bridges the gap between ‘What we are‘ and ‘Where we want to go’.

The Board of Studies which comprises of experts from  IIM and other prestigious institutions, through their insight, help in ensuring that the syllabi are tailor-made so as to impart the requisite knowledge. The department also has a strong research focus, which is evident from an increasing number of research scholars who get enrolled in our PhD program every year.

Our initiatives are guided by a strong value system and vision of Lingaya’s University that was founded for academic excellence, collaboration and research. We shall continue to uphold these values and use them as a guiding light for all our future endeavors.


Dr. Atul Bansal

(HoD – School of Management Sciences)



To be a school committed to develop globally competent commence and management professionals who are responsible citizens and have respect for life and sensitivity towards environment


  • To develop managers and leaders who have right attitude and aptitude to serve the society
  • To develop and maintain state of the art infrastructure and research facilities to enable create, apply and disseminate knowledge
  • To foster linkages with all stakeholders for continuous improvement in academics in management
  • To develop human potential to its fullest extent so that intellectually capable and imaginatively gifted leaders can emerge who have deep respect for human life and values
  • To undertake disciplinary and inter-disciplinary collaborative projects which offer opportunities for long term interaction with academia and industry.

    Faculty Name




    Total No. of Experience



    Prof. R.K. Chauhan

    Vice Chancellor & Senior Professor

    Ph.D (Management)

    HR & Personal Strategic Management, Marketing Management & Educational Management

    41 years



    Dr. K.N Pandey

    Dean-SMS, Professor

    Ph.D, MBA (Human Resource), M.A (English, Hindi & linguistics) Diploma (Translation)

    Knowledge Management & HR, Strategic Management, Andragogy, Green Economy & Hub Economy

    38 years



    Dr. D.R. Bains


    Ph.D, MBA, MA, LLB

    HR & Management




    Ms. Seema Bushra




    19 years



    Dr. Surinder Dhingra



    Ph.D, MBA


    22 years



    Dr.Jivan Kumar Chowdhury

    Associate Professor

    Ph.D. (Chem.&Eco.) LLM,M.B.A,, M.A. (Eco.,Maths,Soc.), M.Com, B.Ed.,JAIIB, (IIB&F,Mumbai), PGDCA,CIC(IGNOU)

    Economics, Law, HR & Finance

    42 Years



    Dr. Vartika Chaturvedi

    Associate Professor

    Ph.D (HR), M.Com, PGDM


    14 years



    Department Activities


    S.No Program Title Year Name of theExpert Resource Person(s) Program Type Participants( Students,Researchers,Faculty,Academicia
    1. Capital Market & Mutual fund 9-Feb-17 Dr. Mukul Jain, Security Exchange Board of India Guest Lecture Students ,Faculty members
    2. Capital Market & Mutual fund 25-Feb-16 Dr. Mukul Jain, Security Exchange Board of India Guest Lecture Students ,Faculty members
    3. Financial Inclusion-Economic perspective from RBI, New Delhi 15-Mar-16 Ms. Rachna Dikshit, GM, RBI, New Delhi & Mr. Sabir Ali, AGM-RBI Guest Lecture Students ,Faculty members
    4. Preparation of Bio-Data & facing the interview 18-Oct-16 Dr. L.N. Mittal Guest Lecture Students
    5. Emerging Avenues in Travel & Tourism as a Career 12-Mar-15 Mr. S.A.Amin (Ex Director, Bonton Holidays) Guest lecture Students
    6. HRM practices and their Effectiveness 10-Jun-15 Dr D.R. Bains (Professor,K.R Managalam University) Guest lecture Students ,Faculty members
    7. Employee Engagement Practices 8-Jul-15 Prof. N.L.Sharma(Dean, Faculty of Commerce, M.J.P Rohilkhand University, Bareilly) Guest lecture Students, Faculty members
    8. Understanding Entrepreneurship 6-Oct-15 Mr. Yasmin Ahmed( Consultant NSIC) Guest lecture Students ,Faculty members
    9. Introduction to SPSS in research analysis 6-Oct-15 Ms. Urvesh Chaudhary ( Assistant Professor,LU)One day Workshop Guest lecture Students, Ph.D Scholars, Facultymembers
    10. Marketing Practices in Retail Sector 13-Oct-15 Prof. Kavita Chauhan (Professor, Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi Guest lecture Students, Faculty members & Academicia
    11. Accounting Principles Oct-15 Prof. Naseem ( Faculty of Commerce, Jamia Millia Islamia) Guest lecture Students, Faculty members & Academicia
    12. Corporate Governance 15-Oct-15 Dr S.K. Tuteja (Professor, FMS, Delhi University) Guest lecture Students ,Faculty members
    13. Emerging Avenues in Management 6-Nov-14 Mr. R.K.Suri(Professor & TPO, Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi Guest lecture Students
    14. Road Map to Success 6-Nov-14 Mr. R.K.Suri(Professor & TPO, Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi Guest lecture Students ,Faculty members
    15. External Commercial Borrowing and INCO Terms 26-Nov-14 Mr. Rakesh Kumar Sharma (Sr. Manager,Foreign Exchange Deptt, Punjab National Bank) Guest lecture Students, Faculty members


    1. Capital Market/Investement Awarness 9-Feb-17 Dr. Mukul Jain Workshop Students,Faculty Members
    2. Avenues for Sales and management 15-Mar-15 Mr. Chandrashekhar (Regional Manager, IDBI) One day Seminar Students, Facultymembers & Academicia
    3. Customer Grievances and its remedies at B.O. level 23-Sep-15 Mr. Ashok Kumar Rajdaan (Deputy General Mmanager at RBI) & Mr. B.M.K.Singh( Assistant GM, RBI) New Delhi One day Workshop Students, Facultymembers & Academicia
    4. Financial Education 16-Apr-14 Mr. Mukul Jain ( Trainer, SEBI India) One day Workshop Students
    5. Financial Inclusion and Services in Banking_ An emerging Economic Perspective 16-Sep-14 Mr. Yogesh Dayal,Mr. P.S. Khual, Mr. Shushil Kumar Dwivedi & Mr. Vivek Bansal( Payment & Settlement Deptt, RBI, India) One day workshop Students, Faculty members
    6. Personality Development and Interview dealing tactics 18-Nov-14 Mr. Manish Porwal(Ex MD Starcom & Ex CEO Percept) One day Workshop Students
    7. RBI Intervention in the growth of Economy 3-Dec-14 RBI One day Workshop Students, Facultymembers
    8. Digital Marketing 30 & 31 Oct- 2014 Mr. Himanshu ( Managing Director,ATS Learning Solutions Two day Workshop at IMB Lab,LU Students


    1. GTT 15-Feb-17 Mr. Saurav Sharma,(Consultant,GTT) Workshop for soft skills and resume writing Students, Faculty members
    2. Marketing Strategies at Surjkund tradefair 13-Feb-17 To inculcate the knowledge about market strategies, small scale industries, handloom ,handicrafts etc. Field Visit Students, Faculty members
    3. Barclays, Noida 1-Feb-17 Finance and banking oriented Industrial Visit students, Faculty members
    4. NSIC, Delhi 2016 Ent. & small scale industrial development Industrial Visit Students
    5. Escorts, Sector-12 Faridabad 2015 Production and management oriented Industrial Visit Students
    6. Parle G, Bhadaurgarh 2015 Production and management oriented Industrial Visit Students
    7. JBM, Faridabad 2015 To inculcate the higher-performance, reduced-wastage and quality products Industrial Visit Students
    8. Yakult,Sonipat 2015 HR and Marketing Industrial Visit Students
    9. RBI Office 3-Dec-14 RBI Workshop Industrial visit Students, Faculty members
    10. RBI 3-Dec-14 Faculty Development Industrial visit Students


    1. Economic Recession and Economic Problems 10-Jun-15 Mr. R.K.Suri(Professor & TPO, Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi Symposium Students, Faculty members

    Scheme & Syllabus

    Research Paper

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