There is an intimate link between higher education and professional success. No one can literally deny the impact that one’s higher education has on one’s career path. In the highly competitive world, we are in today, successful placement after graduation and efficiency in securing the job are the key aspects that determine the career prospects and professional success of an individual to a large extent. Of course, educational institutions are the primary means that offer the foundation for students to accumulate necessary skill sets and knowledge to progress in their respective careers. Having said that, graduating from a high-ranked reputed institution is of greater significance as it exerts long-term influence on professional success. In that regard, Lingaya’s University, one of the most reputed educational institutions in North India, is much acclaimed for its academic excellence and successful progression of its students.

Recently, the Lingaya’s University has been regarded as one of the top 50 emerging universities across India the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) and National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF). The global standards and affluent academic infrastructure of Lingaya’s are what has propelled it into reaching a rank among the top universities in India.

The Lingaya’s University:

Established in the year 2009, Lingaya’s University is approved by the Government of Haryana and is duly recognized under the UGC Act of 1956. Located on the outskirts of Faridabad in Haryana, Lingaya’s University provides an outstanding learning environment to the students that helps meet university’s vision and mission to foster holistic development of students and make them emerge as achievers of tomorrow.

Prospering continually since its inception, Lingaya’s University has set up 8 schools of specializations, viz. School of Engineering and Technology, School of Management and Commerce, School of Education, School of Pharmacy, School of Humanities, School of Basic Science, School of Architecture, and School of Law.

Over the course of years, the university has carved a niche for itself in the field of education, offering quality education par excellence through world-class infrastructure to create positive, progressive, industry-ready professionals. In the pursuit of quality, excellence, and service, the ambitiously established university has endeavored to bring forth a well-resourced education system that is par with the global standards.

What Makes Lingaya’s Standout?

Securing a sturdy place as one among the finest universities in the country, Lingaya’s is known for the quality of its education and the role it plays in comprehensive academic as well as skill development of its students that enables them to explore their fullest potential and achieve success in the corporate world outside.

For its impressive and laudable academic performance, Lingaya’s has won exalting awards and recognition from time to time from both national and international bodies. In November 2017, the MHRD-NIRF has ranked Lingaya’s University as the top university in Haryana, endowing it with an important position among the best self-financed management institutions across the nation. Previously, the institution has been awarded as the most popular upcoming university in North India and has also been positioned among the Asia’s 100 best and fastest growing private universities as evaluated by the KPMG.

Having acclaimed for its academic excellence, the University is well-equipped to provide employment-oriented higher education in a wide range of disciplines. It holds a strong commitment to offering ace-quality education at varying academic levels to students from all across the country as well as from overseas.

The dynamic learning environment that synergizes value-based education and modern teaching and learning methods ensures producing well informed and knowledgeable generation. The academic and non-academic on-campus experiences enhance the intellectual, personal, and professional development of the students, thus raising innovative and talented professionals and entrepreneurs.


The state-of-the-art campus infrastructure at Lingaya’s includes advanced and high-tech laboratories, resourceful libraries, well-equipped outdoor and indoor sports facilities, hostel accommodations, and all the other necessary amenities like Gym, ATM, Cafeteria, etc.

The magnificent in-campus buildings offer ample space for other extra-curricular and job oriented activities like workshops and training programs within the premises. The lavish amphitheater type classrooms are equipped with technology-driven tools for an immersive and interactive audio-visual learning experience.

The high-quality and lush premises of the university encompass an extensive and tranquil campus environment that aids interactive learning experience.


A host of erudite faculties at Lingaya’s contributes to the holistic development of students, imparting them with the relevant, industry-based actionable intelligence. The highly experienced faculty with rich experience and expertise offer innovative teaching and training, adhering to professional distinction, morals, and values. Being experts in their sphere of knowledge, the faculty blend to the academic rigor of the programmes to shape and sharpen the student’s personality, facilitating their transformation into innovative professionals and entrepreneurs.

R & D and Innovation:
The institution has established a dedicated R & D and Innovation Cell that conceives a pragmatic and focused approach towards innovation, research, and development. Providing a conducive environment that imparts skill and knowledge, Lingaya’s promotes Research, Innovation, Consultancy, and Entrepreneurship activities involving students, faculties, and big corporate houses/industries. The cutting-edge doctoral research programs have gained popularity and high commendations amid scholars and professionals.

By placing significant importance not only on learning and teaching but also on research and development, Lingaya’s strives to bestow and enhance the culture of creativity, research, and innovation in students.

Lingaya’s University’s significant recognition by the prestigious MHRD-NIRF further validates the worth of the University in the world of education. The unflinching commitment and dedication of the University to its vision and mission have enabled the institution to perform extraordinarily, withstanding competition and excelling in the sphere.