Best Private University in Haryana

Best Private University in Haryana

India possesses a vastly developed system of higher studies that offer the facility of education, knowledge, skills, and training in almost all aspects of creative and intellectual endeavors, such as engineering, law, commerce, management, arts, humanities, etc. With the rise in competition, it has become even more imperative for the country to have good educational institutions that deliver high quality, industry-oriented education to the masses. Despite a large number of government, private, and standalone institutions mushrooming across the nation, the status and accreditation of an institution are the key aspects that remain the foremost concern among admission seekers.

Today, India’s higher education system has been expanding dramatically, fuelled by the emergence of new private institutions that offer global standards of technical and professional education. To be exact, the country has witnessed a steep increase in its number of educational institutions since independence, from a mere 20 universities in 1950 to 677 universities in 2014.

The rising number of educational institutions in India has however left learners in a state of confusion. Given the massive choice, students find it difficult to decide upon the institution they should join. One common doubt that prevails in the similar context is regarding the worth of private universities over standalone colleges.

Ideally, a private university is considered to be superior to any standalone college when it comes to exploring higher studies, and as such, it becomes extremely important for the students, as well as the parents, to understand why it is so. First of all, the advantage of wide multidisciplinary expertise, bigger funding and facilities, and immense career opportunities from corporate collaborations are the key aspects that make the private universities stand apart. These aspects are generally limited in case of private colleges that lack the ability to expand the opportunities for students and to enable them to compete aggressively with the accredited private institutions.

A well-established and best private university holds the credibility for providing quality education by all means. Private universities take a more holistic perspective of the curriculum and design their programmes keeping in mind the long-term benefit of the students. However, standalone colleges design their curriculum based on the dynamic changes and advancements of the present, thereby lacking in setting the standards for long-term improvement. This may be the reason why the current government is taking measures to bring down a number of business schools to closure for not meeting the accredited standards of education. So, with the situation going this way, it is wise to consider looking for reputed universities with a credible degree program rather than stumbling upon standalone colleges or b-schools with uncertainty.

Besides, while many standalone colleges are struggling with a dearth of well-experienced and qualified faculty, private universities enjoy the advantage of procuring immensely efficient, highly experienced, and very well-qualified faculty and top-notch industry professionals who are capable of churning out skilled and capable graduates with a good employability score. Having grown and received the reputation with time, most of the private universities are able to host some of the best faculty in the industry, serving as exemplars of quality education and inspiration to students. Moreover, upon becoming a part of a private university, students gain exposure and access to a much wider network that benefits them a lot in terms of overall experience and future career opportunities.

Having adequate research environment provides the much-needed ecosystem for students to make ground-breaking innovations. The previous age of stand-alone institutions had certainly lacked such a research infrastructure, stifling the young innovations and thus lagging behind in the international grading. But with the modern day private universities, there are opportunities to nurture and spark the youngster’s imagination and creativity, thereby enabling the process of innovation with researched learning. Also, private universities are enabled with experienced researcher cum faculty, who actively empower students with the necessary infrastructure, networking, and support for research and development.

Today, in the strive to meet and satisfy the growing demands of the national and international markets, private universities are greatly focusing on enhancing the overall functioning and facilities for the students. They are equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, Wi-Fi enabled campus, e-facilities, international academic partnerships, staggering placement packages, and cutting-edge research and development opportunities. With such facilities, no doubt, private universities hold the key to the future of education in the country.

It thus becomes important that students, looking to pursue some serious education and excel in their professional life ahead, be prudent in choosing reputed private universities to savor the ‘credibility’ attached with it. Students must never forget to consider the fact that a private university is given the seal of approval by academic bodies to provide undergraduate and postgraduate programmes based on their educational standards, which is not the case with colleges. Lingaya’s is one such university where you can find the academic standards and pedagogical rigor defining and determining the real ‘credibility’ of the university and its programmes.

The Lingaya’s University, located at Faridabad, is a registered and certified Institute, offering superior standards of education in eight different domains. Being a private university, it holds more value in the market owing to its top-notch infrastructure, facilities, and multidisciplinary and proven approach to learning. The Lingaya’s University provides a host of institutional, cultural, and recreational opportunities for students to promote and facilitate their holistic development. The conceptual learning pedagogy fostered at the university gives a competitive edge to students to help them excel, not only in academics but also at various stages in life.

Lingaya’s University’s effective learning environment offers more diversity in imparting relevant industry-oriented knowledge and skills that transform potential graduates into comprehensively excelling professionals to land on a prospective career.

In a nutshell, standalone colleges can never provide the private university environment, neither in terms of educational worth nor with respect to the learning experience. So, for students who are in a dilemma for higher studies, it is wiser to opt for a private university like Lingaya’s with diverse courses, eminent faculty,state-of-the-art infrastructure, and all the other facilities, rather than joining a below-par standalone college.