List of Pharmacy Colleges in Faridabad

With new innovations and technological advancements taking the industrial sector by storm, it is high time we understand the importance of the quality of education in attaining professional success. For this, it is important that educational institutions focus on teaching and training their students in a way that they reach their maximum potential, make their way to a robust career, and successfully move ahead in life.

It is a matter of fact that higher education institutions play an integral role in equipping students with all the skills and abilities required for the globally competitive world out there. However, the sad part is that many colleges and universities today focus solely on the acquisition of knowledge and skills, and fail to prepare the students for the professional life after graduation. It is undeniable that, in order to succeed in today’s corporate economy, students need to be prepared rightly after graduation through the acquisition of skills and abilities that help to improve their employability in the job market. To be precise, transferable skills like communication skills, analytical/reasoning skills, critical thinking, application of concepts and knowledge in the real-world, problem-solving ability, teamwork, and more are extremely important when it comes attaining success in the professional life. Employers today are keen on pulling in candidates who are well-versed in these skills, besides shortlisting them on their academic performance. On these lines, employers have started recognizing the capability of colleges and universities for preparing the students for the real world and hence participate in the placement dries accordingly.

As a result, only a few educational institutions are regarded and reputed for their academic performance and excellence, while others just go unheeded among the thousands. This is why higher educational institutes should be predominantly equipped with all the necessities to provide a learning environment that favors skills development and professional success for students.

At Lingaya’s University, the focus lies on bringing the best out of each and every student, by identifying and polishing their individual capabilities and skills to let them shine out in the corporate world. Apart from academic excellence and performance, the focus is also laid on the extra-curricular activities and personality development programs that enable the students to discover their innate skills and abilities. The University understands that to get a foothold on a prospective career ahead, a strong foundation is necessary. That is why, we at Lingaya’s, have generated a world-class curriculum and infrastructure that is conducive to academic performance and skills development equally.

The faculty members at Lingaya’s are highly qualified and experienced, committed to providing excellent standards of teaching. Our faculties are academicians and researchers who are carefully handpicked from renowned institutions across the country and abroad having years of experience and expertise in their respective fields so that the quality of education stays uncompromised.

At Lingaya’s, the faculty team act as teachers, mentors, and guides, who educate students about the industry placements and career opportunities. Our teachers are eminent industry professionals and experts who have valuable industry interface to provide resources and instructions for students, and thereby support them in learning beyond classroom academics. Such a team of teaching professionals is able to groom students appropriately with knowledge and experience into career-ready professionals who are equipped to step out into the real-world with confidence.

We strive to provide a stimulating learning environment that allows students to grow their skills and abilities along with academics. The dedication and commitment on the part of the university faculty facilitate better collaboration and interaction with students, substantially improving the quality of academics.

The programs and courses at Lingaya’s are designed in a way so as to enrich students with latest industry knowledge and concepts and to enable the development of core competencies in them. The nouveau curriculum and pedagogy are at par with the industry standards and aim at developing outstanding professionals for the ever-changing dynamic work environment. It is equipped with all the academic/industry knowledge, skills, and training required to transform students into highly competitive individuals ready to be part of the workforce. The curriculum also provides a hands-on training experience for students to learn about real-life work settings. Overall, the learning pedagogy and curriculum at Lingaya’s aim at developing highly skilled graduates who are prepared and mastered for the life beyond university education.

The campus life at Lingaya’s is full of vigor and energy, providing a stimulating learning environment to the students. The infrastructure is aesthetically designed with all the necessary facilities that are at par with global standards. The state-of-the-art technologically advanced infrastructure holding Wi-Fi, labs, library, knowledge resources, and other facilities are structured to meet the academic requirements adequately, providing a conducive environment for students and faculty to supplement their academics and research facilities.

Overall, Lingaya’s provides the essence of pedantic excellence collectively through its eminent faculty, top-notch curriculum, and valuable industry interface. The innovative teaching-learning methodologies coupled with educational infrastructural facilities create a unique learning environment for the students to be groomed and thriven for the corporate career opportunities ahead. Lingaya’s has been a leader in bestowing cutting-edge holistic education for students to get transformed into employable professionals fated to rise high.