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The Indian economy is growing faster than any other economy in the world. As such, numerous job opportunities have opened up to fuel the increasing workforce requirements of the growing economy. With rapid globalization and industrialization, more and more people are required to be employed to sustain the growth rate. Even during the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, India only saw a slight slowdown in the economic growth and has continued to show a positive change since then. It has been estimated that by the year 2030, India would require an increased workforce of 25 lakhs to meet the requirements of various industries.

On the other hand, recent studies have shown that even though India has the potential to feed this expanding demand for the workforce, a major segment of graduates in India remains unemployable. Only 3% of the total number of people who graduate from colleges and other educational institutes have the skills and knowledge set required to be productively employed. Around 80% of the lot remains unemployable even with a degree in their hand. This is mainly because the educational system in India has failed to change with time to align with the shifting requirements of the industrial sector. However, the problem is that most of the educational institutes work in isolation without any regard to industry and society requirements. Even with millions of young students completing college every year, corporates find it difficult to find even a hand full of them that are fit for employment and end up spending thousands of dollars in training to equip their employees with industry skills and to improve their productivity.

What is hence required is to decrease this gap between industry requirements and the skill set of students, for which it is important that educational institutes change with the changing work scenarios and employment structures. It is the responsibility of educational institutes to impart necessary skills and make their students ready to be employed. This is where the industry integrated programs offered by the premier educational institutes gain significance.

Industry Integrated programs are programs that integrate the industrial requirements with the necessary academic knowledge. Along with theoretical subjects, these programs offer the students an opportunity to earn on the field, and experience the corporate culture with compulsory internship periods. In an Industry Integrated Program, students first learn the basic concepts by way of classroom teaching and then they are given an opportunity to test these concepts and learn hands-on while working with industry professionals in the real world environment.

Lingaya’s University integrates its courses with the needs of the industry to make its programs more industry and job oriented and give students the necessary practical exposure along with the required theoretical knowledge that is inevitable for their development into skilled professionals. At Lingaya’s University, we understand the need to offer students the experience and skill set needed to secure the best employment opportunities in their choice of field and bridge the gap that has built overtime between the industry and academia. Thus, we have partnered with the leaders in the world of technology to give our students the best possible exposure to the industry. For instance, Lingaya’s University has collaborated with International Business Machines Corporations (commonly referred to as IBM) and with Apple Solution Expert to take their B. Tech Computer Science education to another level.

Collaboration with IBM:

The University offers two undergraduate programs in association with IBM, namely B. Tech in Computer Science with Specialization in Cloud Computing and Virtualization, and B. Tech in Computer Science with Specialization in Business Analytics and Optimization. Lingaya’s University’s collaboration with IBM gives the students at Lingaya’s an opportunity to be up-to-date with the rapidly changing technology. Lingaya’s has worked with IBM to design a curriculum that is updated and built keeping in mind the exact industry requirements. IBM, being a technology giant, has access to the most sophisticated and innovative technology in the world, which gives the students access to the most up-to-date knowledge pool and help them gain a unique edge over others. The course has been built to focus more on project-based learning and industry interactions and the best IT specialists and architects from the industry help them in their learning process. IBM also conducts regular training programs for the University’s faculty to keep them up-to-date with the happenings of the IT world.

Collaboration with Apple Solution Expert (Education):

The University has collaborated with Apple to offer B. Tech degree with iOS Specialization. The Industry Integrated Program offers specialization in iOS app development. The program provides hands-on experience and exposure to @MacLab, where training and guidance is provided by highly qualified and well trained Apple certified trainers. In the first year, students learn the fundamentals of mobility and communications with a special focus on Mac and iOS, and gradually make their way to developing their own app or app idea in the 6th Semester. In the last semester, students are trained on the job, which enables them to be ready to take charge as soon as they graduate from college. Apple App Store has over a billion subscribers in India, and as such, a specialization in App store app development and certification from Apple itself can open up numerous job opportunities for the students after graduation.

The various Industry Integrated Programs offered at Lingaya’s University prepare students to face the real corporate world and be ready to take on the responsibilities and challenges head-on. These specialized training programs are designed to inculcate professional ethics and industry skills and knowledge to pave the way to a robust career. These programs help graduates to stand out in the highly competitive field of Information Technology. Learning from the top IT companies gives the students an edge over others and enables them to grab the best job opportunities available in the market, nationally as well as globally.

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