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School of Civil Engineering

The School of Civil Engineering is a renowned and well organized facility of teaching and research where B.Tech, and M.Tech education is imparted in the traditional and emerging specializations. It also caters to the research leading to Ph.D. There are seven state of the art laboratories with modern equipments. The syllabus of the school is developed keeping in view the job prospects of industries and competitive exams of government departments. The school has a blend of experienced and specialists faculty which is always eager to interact with students in order to sensitize them toward their objectives. A strict discipline is observed in holding the theory and practical classes. Field visits to industries and engineering projects is an integral part of first hand practical learning. Seminars and special lectures are held on regular basis to enrich the knowledge pool of students from the subject experts invited from government and industries. The overall purpose of school is to produce competent civil engineers who can make valuable contributions to enrich the economic development of the state, region and nation with all balanced sensitivity towards the nature.

Dean/Hod's Desk

The School of Civil Engineering of the Lingaya's University is a well established and organized center of learning which has trained a large number of students, now serving in various governments and industries. Our main strength lies in our laboratory infrastructure and a dedicated team of teaching and supporting staff. We nurture and cultivate education in an open and stress free environment in which students are encouraged to question and clarify doubts. We believe that young minds are most fertile, imaginative and innovative. We just stimulate them with right kind of dose and allow them to see beyond the horizon. Their intellectual hunger is taken care by organizing interactive discussion sessions with the specialists from different fields which inform them what is happening in the world and what are new challenges. It is our priority to take students in the field for showing them the big civil engineering projects like dams, tunnels, canals etc to make them realize their role as civil engineer in developmental work and the challenges ahead. We see that our syllabi should give them an edge to compete in the national level competitive exams for a bright and purposeful l career. We take training and placement seriously and provide all possible opportunities to students acceding their need and eligibility.

I welcome the aspirants to join us, relish the knowledge and experience an integrated growth in a student friendly environment.

Dr H.S.Saini


To be a school committed to develop globally competent Professionals in the area of Civil Engineering who are responsible citizen and hence respect for life and sensitivity towards environment.


  • To develop Professionals and leaders in civil engineering who have right attitude and aptitude to serve the society.
  • To develop and maintain state-of-the-art infrastructure and research facilities to enable, create, apply and discriminate knowledge.
  • To foster linkage with all stakeholders for continuous improvement in academics in Civil Engineering.
  • To foster linkage with all stakeholders for continuous improvement in academics in Civil Engineering.
  • To undertake disciplinary and inter- disciplinary collaborative projects which offer opportunities for long term interaction with academic and industry.
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    Laboratory Information

    Laboratories Instruments
    Geotechnology Lab
  • Triaxial Test Apparatus
  • C.B.R Test Apparatus
  • Direct shear test matorised complete set
  • Consolidation test Apparatus complete set
  • Direct Shear Test Apparatus
  • Direct Shear Test Apparatus
  • Electronics Balance
  • I.S Sieve 425 Mice
  • Mechanical Sieve Shaker
  • Soil Hydrometer
  • Mechanical Stierer
  • Post holes Auger 100mm
  • Post holes Auger 150mm
  • Drill Rod (41.47OD 100ml)
  • Cylindrical mould (ID 100mm)
  • Drive Weight assembly ( complete set )
  • Extension Rod
  • Plate Load test Apparatus
  • Relative Density Apparatus complete set
  • Unconfined compression test
  • Oven Thermostatically controlled inner chamber stainless steel inner size 455x60x5x445
  • Geology Lab
  • Brunton Compass
  • Clinometer Compass all Brass
  • Rock forming Minerals (set of 10 )
  • Minerals & Rock ( set of 15 )
  • Geologist Harmer
  • Rocks , Minerals & GRM Slide Globe 30cm dia Golden
  • Surveying Lab
  • Total Stations
  • Theodolites
  • Dumpy Level
  • Electric Theodolites
  • Auto Levels
  • Plane Tables
  • Chain , Staff, Ranging Rod etc.
  • Stracture Analayas Lab
  • Curved member Apparatus
  • Deflection of Truss Apparatus
  • Plane Truss Elements
  • Three Hinged Arch Apparatus
  • Two Hinged Arch Apparatus
  • Struct Backling Apparatus
  • Un - symmetrised Bending Apparatus
  • Queen Post Truss
  • Pinnel joint Modal
  • King Post Truss
  • Electric Properties of Deflected Beam
  • Portal Frame Apparatus
  • Column And Strut Apparatus
  • Maxwell Appartus
  • Eniveriment Lab
  • Hot Air Oven
  • Lab. Heating Plate
  • Flocculator (Jar Test )
  • Muffle Furnace
  • Resipirable Dust Sampler
  • B.O.D Incubator
  • C.O.D Degestion unit
  • Digital Colony Counter
  • Digital Turbidity meter
  • Dogital P.O Meter
  • Digital TDS Meter
  • Digital Coundicitivity Meter
  • Concreate Lab
  • Slump Cone Test Apparatus
  • Compression Factor test Appratus
  • Compressive Stringth of Concreate test Appratus
  • Vibrating Tets Machine Appratus
  • Vicat test Appratus
  • Sieve , Electronic Balance
  • Le - chart test Appratus
  • Aggerigate Impact test Appratus
  • Transport Lab
  • Loss and Angles Aberation test Appratus
  • Marshall Stability test Appratus
  • C.B.R Load Frame test Appratus
  • Ductility Test Appratus
  • Fire & Flash Points Test Appratus
  • Elongation Gauges
  • Penotrometer Test Appratus
  • Ring & Ball Test Appratus
  • Auto - Cad Lab
  • 50 computers
  • Softwares Available
  • Staad.Pro
  • Autodesk Auto CAD
  • E-Tabs
  • Plaxis
  • Autodesk Revit
  • Tekla Structures
  • S No. Program Title Year Name of the Expert Resource Program type (Special Lecture/workshop/ seminar etc) No. of Participant
    1. Individual Contribution in India's Economic Development 2015 Prof. S.S. Bhakri Lecture Students of B.Tech 2nd year, 3rd year, 4th year
    2. Ecological & Earth Science From UNESCO 2015 Dr. Ram Bhooj Guest Lecture Students of B.Tech 2nd year, 3rd year, 4th year
    3. Destructive testing for concrete 2014 AMIL Ltd. Guest Lecture Students of B.Tech 2nd year and 3rd year
    4. Empowerment of women 2014 National cooperative Union of India Workshop All faculty and students
    5. Emerging latest Trends in application of cement and concrete technology 2013 2013 J.K.Cement Seminar All faculty and students
    6. Introduction To Civil Engineering Softwares SEP-2013 2013 CADD Centre FBD Guest Lecture Students of B.Tech, 3rd year, 4th year

    Inter-institutional collaborative projects and associated grants received

    S.No Name of Project Principal Investigator and Co-investigator, if any Name of Collaborating Institution Primary Contact(Collaborator)Name and Designation Description of Research Programme (Include details of amount, start date, duration, and project title)
    1. Practical Tests and Project guidance Mr. Rajan Kumar Singh Ms DiptiMakhija Intitution of civil Engineers ( India) Prithipal Singh Phone-011236293000 011236293001 Practical 10 and project guidance15 Dec-2014


    Number of papers published in peer reviewed journals (National / International), Conferences

    1. Danish Javid ,Experimental on post repair performance of RCC Beam. IJOAR (International Journal of Advance Research) Ref:2321-581x (online),July 2016

    2. J.K.Kapoor, ShaguftaJabinand H.S.Bhatia.Effectiveness of natural and synthetic polyelectrolytes as coagulant aid in removal of turbidity from different turbid water" JR. OF INJDUSTRIAL POLLUTIONCONTROL, 2013 , 29(2), 261-266.

    3. J.K.Kapoor ,ShaguftaJabinand H.S.Bhatia. Effective use of lime and alum along with synthetic polyelectrolyte in treatment of dairy industry waste water, Pollution Research,2013, 32(1), 39-44.

    4. K.Kapoor ,ShaguftaJabinand H.S.Bhatia, "Optimization of coagulation-flocculation process for food industry waste water treatment using polyelectrolytes with inorganic coagulants", Journal of Indian Chemical Society, 2015, 92,1697-1703.

    Year International Journals National Journal National Conference International Conference
    2015 06 - - -
    2014 02 01 02 -
    2013 02 01 06 -
    2012 09 01 02 02
    2011 0 0 01 -
    2010 - - - 01
    Total 19 03 12 02

    Monographs / Chapters in Books / Edited Books / Books with ISBN with details of publishers

    Sl. No. Title No. of co-authors Publisher with Address ISBN No. & Year of Publication
    1. Question Bank in Civil Engineering Dr H.S Bhatia Galgotia Publications ISBN No. 2563987425896, Year 2011
    2. A Text Book on Enviromental Pollution and control Dr H.S Bhatia Galgotia Publications ISBN No. 2563987425896, Year 2003
    3. A Text Book on Construction Management Dr H.S Bhatia Galgotia Publications ISBN No. 2563987425896, Year 2003

    Areas of consultancy and income generated

    S. No. Name of the faculty member Area of consultancy carried out Income generated in Rs. Year
    1. Najim Ali Dheeraj Kumar (DPR of Investigation report and Land Surveying) Hansraj Granite Rajasthan Soil 5 Lakh 2014
    2. Dr. Mamta Sharma Indo-Canadian Consultancy   2007

    School of Civil Engineering