Why Should Working Professionals Not Go for B.Tech (Non-attending) Classes?

The appeal to distance education or part-time courses is on a high. That too for working professionals, such a study alternative is always convincing. But whether such degrees are worth the effort is a common question that plagues the working professionals while contemplating on pursuing a B.Tech education through non-attending classes. Even though programs that do not require attending of classes are quite an attractive and feasible option, the outcome you gain out of it when compared to regular classes and evening colleges are a must for consideration.

Over the years, distance learning has gained attention in various forms – from part-time programs and open universities to online programs and so forth. All of these have helped aspiring students and working professionals to pursue education without full-time and campus-based classes. However, the point is if these non-attending programs deliver the same educational outcome for students? Well, not really! There are various drawbacks when it comes to technical courses like B.Tech programs being pursued through distance education or any non-attending classes.

Working professionals having apprehensions over opting for B.Tech education via distance learning need to understand the pros and cons of pursuing B.Tech degree through non-attending classes and what benefits they get from B.Tech evening college and regular classes. Remember, distance education programs might not always be the best choice for students and professionals, mainly because of their disadvantages of delivering education without physical interaction or systematic, regular communication.

Lack of Interaction with the Faculty:

One of the main reasons why you should not go for non-attending B.Tech classes is that they lack experienced and quality faculty administration. Most of the distance education programs do not opt for eminent faculty but compromise their quality of education with available faculty members. Moreover, even though the instructor is good at educating, he or she might not give their best in an online environment, owing to numerous reasons. Above all, distance education lacks face-to-face interaction which obviously interrupts the students’ connection with the faculty. Oftentimes, technology might not do justice to the way the course is being delivered. That too, for B.Tech programs, good and effective faculty with immense knowledge in the field of technology is a must, and that is possible only with regular courses.

Losing out on Networking Opportunities:

One of the advantages of pursuing B.Tech evening college or regular program is that you get opportunities to network with peers, established alumni, renowned faculty members, and industry heads. Such networking opportunities benefit a long way in paving better career opportunities in the future. However, there is absolutely no scope of such networking opportunities when you pursue the course online via non-attending classes.

Lack of Focus and Commitment:

With distance education, there are high chances of distraction and procrastination. With no faculty and no classmates around for interaction, learners may easily get distracted from their course of learning and lose out their track on assignments and deadlines. It is necessary for students to stay motivated and focused throughout the course to successfully complete the program.

Question of Credibility:

Though distance education and online courses are starting to get recognition, there are still a lot of non-accredited degrees offered. For working professionals, the credibility of the degree matters a lot as most of the employers seek qualification from a recognized institute. So, it is important that you choose to join your B.Tech course from a reputed institution that enhances your potential rather than opting for non-attending classes.

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