why lingayas university

Nowadays, distance learning courses/ degrees are becoming popular among youth because of many benefits. Apart from the ease of getting the knowledge, it also provides you the freedom to travel or live wherever you wish to. You just have to be present during the examinations. Otherwise, there is no restriction about anything. Here, we are going to talk about salient features of Lingaya’s University which began to spread the light of knowledge among students in the year 1998 and since then it has been providing education to thousands of students. It is an open university with a variety of distance learning courses. If you are looking for a technical or non-technical degree/ course, you can get in touch with Lingaya’s University. Following are the benefits of studying at Lingaya’s university –

1. Experienced and dedicated faculty
Whether it’s undergraduate or postgraduate, no matter what course you choose. You will get the best teachers who are experienced in their field of study. The teachers are dedicated to being there for the students whenever possible. With the online learning system, the students can connect with teachers easily and ask any doubts they have regarding the course.

2. Online providence of books
Along with the physical notes, eBooks are provided to the students for the ease of access to knowledge. You can be anywhere in the world and with a click of mouse; you can get the notes in front of you on your computer screen. After all, why not benefit from technology? This facility is provided in a few universities in India.

3. Virtual classrooms
The university uses a modern methodology to teach by connecting the students through virtual classrooms and discussion forums where students can learn and discuss the course-related things. The virtual classroom helps students to get in touch with the teachers and understand the concepts of subjects in a better way.

4. High-quality education
The course curriculum is designed keeping in mind the practical aspect of education. So that it is easy for students to learn and later on apply the same knowledge at their workplace. The quality of the syllabus is high level. The syllabus is according to the comprehension level of students.

5. Interaction with Industry experts
Time to time, the students are connected virtually with the industry experts who teach the students and impart education related to their course. This becomes a very important part of education as when the student is about to join work, then he is already equipped with the basic knowledge of the work-related things.

The programs in the Lingaya’s university are recognized by UGC and UGC- DEB. The courses here are recognized by various institutes like AICTE and AIU. So, when you get a degree from Lingaya’s university, it is accepted everywhere. Enrolling in Lingaya’s university’s distance learning program is a step that you can take towards a bright career. It is a guarantee that after completing the course, you will be able to get a good job as your knowledge in a particular field would be excellent and it will look good on your CV too.