What are the reasons for poor employability of many management graduates?

Graduating with a management degree is a dream for many students and undoubtedly, is considered as one of the best careers to pursue. Management has always remained a favorite for many since long, owing to its ability to offer employment across a vast canvas. Hence, management education in the current times is regarded as one of the best programs having the potency to offer great opportunities. However, despite the rising demand for management professionals across different industrial sectors, many instances have been reported of the poor employability of management graduates. In this article below, let us have a look at the probable reasons for this poor employability even when the demand for management professionals is sky-scraping.

A quick comparison with the past

Ever since the economic liberalization in 1991, the demand for management graduates witnessed an upsurge that led to the popularity of management stream in the undergraduate as well as postgraduate levels. To keep up with the pace of globalization, this trend continued for long. But currently, if we look at the statistics, only the students belonging to the top-notch B-Schools are getting ample opportunities to do justice to their education. Back in the 90s or even during the early years of this century, the students with a management degree from almost any management institution also managed to get a good job whereas they are no longer getting accommodated within the length and breadth of the executive cadre. Thus if you compare, the difference has come in the recruiters’ preference of choosing the candidates based on the b-school they have completed their management degree from.

Lack of Social Media Skills

When an aspiring manager gets evaluated through the interview boards, the recruiters look for a candidate who can be productive in terms of business for them. The progress and success of any business in the current times largely relies on the skills and abilities of a manager. In today’s world, the key factor that controls the business landscape is social media, which holds the potential to reach the business to millions at a go. Hence, a manager with excellent skills to manage and operate the business keeping harmony with the social media applications is more like a pre-requisite nowadays. Before you head out for your interview for the post of a manager, make sure that you are up to date with your social media knowledge or else rejection would be around the corner.

Dependence on Artificial Intelligence and Technology

Most of the operations nowadays are no longer man-driven, rather they are technology driven. The human capital is getting increasingly replaced with artificial intelligence, slowly diminishing the dependence of the industries on human capital. A lot of works that were earlier managed by people are now getting done in a streamlined manner with the help of technology only. This is one of the main reasons that there has been an overall decrease in overall employability.

Inadequacy in the Preparedness to Crack the Interviews

Cracking an interview for management hiring needs some specific skills and knowledge. If a student lacks the relevant ideas and has studied in a college that has hardly prepared him/her for the interviews, it is less likely that success would come his/her way. Moreover, with the global standards getting merged into the education system of late, the international parameters are also needed to be kept in mind while preparing for interviews, lacking which failure is unavoidable. Hence any sort of inadequacy in the preparations for the interviews will lead to an unwanted situation.

Lack of Practical Exposure and Industry Training

No one can attain expertise in the art of management depending solely on the textbooks. A lot of management skills need industrial exposure and hands-on experience. Therefore, there is a dire need to break through the traditional ways of learning and take advantage from the industry exposure and connections that one gets to make through various programs and activities conducted by the b-school.

Poor Communication and Leadership Skills

Last but not the least, a manager is expected to have good communication skills along with the ability to lead a group of people. If a student lacks the overall development as a manager with strong communication skills, soft skills, and leadership training, the aspirant is most likely to be rejected during the interview.

Poor Institutional Infrastructure

Management schools with insufficient infrastructure are another reason that the aggregate employability of their management graduates has paid the tax for. This makes it extremely necessary that before you choose the B school for you, make sure that the infrastructure is sufficient enough to help you to get groomed as a manager with the dynamics of the course.

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