Foremost institutes of law studies in top law Colleges in Faridabad

Taking up law as a profession entails involving oneself in one of the most illustrious lines of work in the country. It will not be an exaggerationto state that in the shrine of justice, a lawyer is and has always been the high priest. The essence of the role of a lawyer in the entire mechanism of the administration of justice is undeniable and thus, filling in the role with such immense responsibility is no small feat to achieve. The abilities of a good lawyer do not just extend to efficiently taking up the responsibility of the client’s case.The aspect that separates a great lawyer from a good lawyer is not just the practical application of the varied laws to the benefit of the client but also to uphold the sanctity and prestige of the laws of the country.

The following are few other significant qualities that are the sign of a great lawyer:

Analytical Skills

Both the study, as well as practice of law,require absorbing large chunks of information from every possible source and then processing it down into easily manageable and comprehensible form. It is an asset for any lawyer to be able to look at the situation from all points of view to be able to reach a conclusion regarding the ideal path of progression for a given case. The analytical skills are not just limited to looking at a situation from both the views of the prosecutor and the client. When a case is in session, there will be many such unforeseen situations that no lawyer can ever plan in advance for. The expertise of a lawyer lies in imbibing and analyzing the situation right on the spot to deliver relevant response then and there.

Research Skills

Being able to research effectively and in a short span of time is critical to understanding the needs of the clients and preparing suitable legal strategies. A lawyer’s opinion is really of no value to the court of law until and unless it is backed by adequate proof. Thus, the skills of a lawyer are basically evaluatedon the basis of his/herability to gather as many valid proofs as possible, no matter the timespan allotted to him/her before the case. A lawyer needs to know how to work in tandem with the investigators of the case, utilize online resources, previous case files, and judicial books to back the particular case that he/she is working on. Agreatpresentation at the courtroom and apt delivery of information is the result of superior research skills exhibited by the lawyers.

Superior People Skills

Getting a degree in law is not all about faring great academically, as at the end of the day, it is not only the marks of the student that counts butit is alsoabout his/her ability to work with people. A lawyer works with people, works on behalf of them, and the outcomes of his/her work also affects the lives of a lot of concerned people. A great lawyer is persuasive and personable with an inherent ability to read others. Be it gauging the honesty of the witness or the reaction of the juror, a lawyer is always one step ahead of the others. This skill is extremely necessary, as a part of their job is to utilize their people skills in order to decide the best possible approach to achieve the desired outcome in a case, be it advising a client or reaching a favorable negotiation with those in opposition.

Ability to Persevere

For a lawyer, perseverance and commitment begin even before he/she starts to practice law. As a student of law, one has to undergo rigorous training as an undergraduate and then as a trainee before starting the practice. Thus, it is a long road to realizing the dream of becoming an attorney. However, you will realize whether you are a student of law or a practitioner, the destination you undertake in getting the degree or winning a caseis too fulfilling to give up on the long journey. Perseverance is a trait of a lawyer that lets him/her realize that winning is not about running for a long race but rather winning several short races one after another, leading up to the ultimate success.

But then, as you know, it is the education that makes us what we are, a crucial role in bringing about great lawyers for the country is played by the law institutes of the nation. Ideally, it is the law institutes that hold the responsibility to inculcate and develop the necessary traits within the students to lead them on to become the great lawyers of tomorrow. As one of the foremost institutes of law studies in the country and one among the top law Colleges in Faridabad, Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth aims to apprise and sensitize the young lawyers,enabling them to take over as effective contributors to the legal system of the country. The teaching methods like case study based learning, moot court competitions, group discussions, internships, and more are the tools that bring the budding lawyers closer to fulfilling their dream of being the bright stars in the judicial system of the country. Our multidisciplinary approach towards legal education ensures that each student is imbibed with the right skillset to make them viable in the highly demanding modern law setup.