Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.’ Once quoted by the legendary Canadian-born American architect, ‘Frank Gehry,’ the statement clasps plenty of significance when speaking about the modern world of Architecture and Design. Traditional architecture still has its roots implanted deep in the current industry and is idolized. However, the emergence of ‘modernism’ in architecture has dramatically influenced the twenty-first-century art of design and construction. The new-age notion of architecture and design speaks about influencing social needs, maintaining environmental caution, and embracing new technologies limitlessly.

Technically, the modern architectural world believes in a radical idea of, ‘Whatever good things we shape end up shaping us.’Talking in a similar context, there are some of the characteristics or aspects without the presence of which, today’s architecture industry would be sketchy, in fact devastating. Budding architectures need to perceive the scenario from an entirely altered point of view in order to pace along with the changing paradigms of the architectural industry and here’s how.

Sustainability – An unavoidable consideration

The utmost increase in manufacturing, construction, use of heavy-duty machinery, advanced technology have taken a toll on the delicate environment around us. The contemporary culture of design and architecture considers environmental sustainability as one of the foremost and chief concerns in order to accomplish giant goals and yet remain tender to the environment. The number of green engineers and architects are increasing by leaps and bounds in today’s time, and the sole aim is to remove the negative impact on the surrounding environment. Less emission of pollutants and toxins, less consumption of energy, limited exploitation of natural resources are some of the possible goals of sustainable architecture, for which the usage of advanced technology is the key.

Utilization of more smarter/futuristic technologies

In relevance to the earlier point, today’s industry of architecture and design openly embraces new and better technologies more than ever before. There are multifaceted criterions entailed with architectural projects nowadays, and none of those would be feasible without the use of intelligent and proper technologies. Green technologies, energy-efficient utilities, Mixed reality, Social VR are some of the most trending technologies used in today’s time.

Not compromising on functionality and stability for design

This is quite an intricate point that requires the ability to hold a balance between creativity and efficient functionality. Nowadays, the current industry is loaded with innovation, and it is a crucial component that shapes the architectural world. However, the recognition of a valuable architectural creation lies in balancing both design and functionality. Next-generation architects should understand the fine-line and not get carried away by innovations that would impose an adverse effect on the building’s utility and functionality factor.

Incorporation of flexibility in design

The modern lifestyle differs a lot from how people used to dwell in the earlier times. Families are diverse,usage of living spaces significantly varies, and the tastes and choices of the crowd are also evolving when it comes to residing. It is thus imperative that architects focus on creating spaces that are more flexible, meet the needs of the consumers, and can be used inventively.

Natural disaster-proof manufactures

Most of the large residences nowadays are aligning their designs towards disaster-proof manufactures. It is one of the essential criterions that are being considered in the current architectural industry. Starting from medical and IT to hotel and hospitality, almost all sectors are embracing natural disaster-proof constructions nowadays. This technology is an inevitable criterion in modern architectural trends and has turned out to be highly effective for the areas that are prone to natural calamities.

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