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The current circumstances and the ever-increasing regulatory roles of the government have increased the demand for law professionals in the country. Law, being a vital component in integrating people and the society, provide a dynamic professional environment to work. The long-standing legal system in the country witnessing social and economic changes is making the law a demanding profession in the recent times. In the business scenario too, lawyers play an inevitable role in the growth and progress of the business entities and thereby, the entire country’s economy as a whole. India, hence, is currently in dire need of more skilled and talented lawyers to help constructively build the society and lead it to progression.

Democracy is deeply rooted in law and lawyers are indeed termed as the guardians of democracy and the judicial system. Legal studies sensitize and apprise budding lawyers into contributing to the governance processes and development goals effectively. India has seen some prominent success in its economic development and it is high time the shift of focus be on its social capital development, for which judiciary is pivotal. This is where the need for responsible and skilled lawyers and legal advisors arises, who can make some necessary difference to the society and the country’s development on the whole.

Law, as a career, is financially lucrative and a highly-esteemed option. But not all are seen befitting to practice law. This is because it requires a lot of inspiration, dedication, and/or patience to excel in the field. Most law aspirants today have least chosen the opportunity and have ended up in the career by fluke or solely by circumstances. The reality is that law career is a truly rewarding, personally fulfilling, and intellectually challenging profession. With enough experience and talent, you can earn a handsome pay along with social/professional recognition.

In today’s businesses world, lawyers play an inevitable role in leading corporate houses and financial organizations in their path of progress. Companies rely on lawyers and legal advisors to offer constructive solutions and handle unforeseen situations in their business environment. They are responsible for offering legal advice by analyzing and interpreting law properly. Thus, resolving legal problems forms the fundamental purpose of this profession. Whether you are a corporate lawyer or a social cause legal advisor or a law clerk researching a tax issue, your client service should be at the heart of your profession.

So, the legal profession can look attractive enough, but the kind of skills that would make a great law professional remains a question. A good lawyer has to be aware of the legal, political, and economic spheres, as well as should possess a sensible knowledge of all statutes, rules, and regulations of the government policies. Besides, you need to have excellent communication skills – both written and verbal. A lawyer must have quick responsiveness and excellent memory to grasp ideas and give counter-arguments instantly. He/she should be able to look into matters objectively and come up with effective conclusions. He/she should possess good reading habits with fair enough research mentality to delve deeper into problems to find a solution. Being a good orator and listener is an absolute necessity for lawyers, as they need to be smart, presentable, and daring enough to voice their opinions. Apart from having good authoritative leadership qualities, a lawyer should have an open, flexible mind with logical reasoning and out-of-the-box thinking ability. Most importantly, you have to possess some good deal of patience, as some of the cases can drag endlessly.

In order to develop all these qualities and skills, the most important aspect on the path is to find the right platform. Legal Studies, when pursued from a reputed college, will get you the right recognition. This is why quality education, world-class infrastructure, and skilled faculty are considered the major factors of importance when it comes to choosing the best educational institution to study law. At Lingaya’s University, we have been consistently putting in the needed efforts to successfully meet all the aforementioned aspects.

Lingaya’s University, at Faridabad, Haryana, stands out as the best university in North India for its robust learning environment and international standards of education. We ensure to provide apt legal guidance to students with our industry-driven top-notch course content that has been curated as per the globally acceptable, professional standards. The Lingaya’s School of Law offers 3-year LL.B. Program, 5 years integrated BBA-LLB Program, and one year LLM program. These law programs are sculpted in such a way to enable the students to attain academic excellence and prepare them professionally and personally to unlock their fullest potential.

The faculty at Lingaya’s consists of solicitors, barristers, judges, and reputed counsels from the legal fraternity across the nation having a strong foundation for legal knowledge and aptitude. With years of experience in the legal sector, our faculty inculcates skills to face real-life cases along with implanting professional know-hows, practical skill sets, and ethical values. This way, we, at the Lingaya’s University, make every effort to develop not only legal professionals but responsible citizens who are aware enough to be concerned for the society. Overall, Lingaya’s University strives to create not just law graduates but responsible lawyers for the nation who are equipped to stand ahead even amidst the stiffest competition.