Education is singularly one of the most persuasive components that give us the apparatuses of socialization and advancement. A novel aspect regarding this is the arrangement of orderly exchange of information, starting with one age and moving on to the next, undertaken by foundations of academics consistently. Without the endowment of scholarly perfection, we would have been bound to flounder in the dimness of triviality making us unfit to create and appreciate the marvels of culture, expressions, and science that we encounter each day in the present world.

The Significance of Academic Learning

Everything that we see around us today is the culmination of ages of information that has been passed down by an institutionalized form of learning. Such organizations and schools offer a primary form of education to the aspiring youth and create an environment of learning that encourages us to create and develop. We, at Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth, recognized as the Best Private University in Faridabad, aim to uphold the importance of such learning avenues that have always advocated advancement towards creating new highlights in scholastic brilliance. They are as follows:

Language and Arts: Since the dawn of ages, literature,andarts have played an immensely important role that we have witnessed in our rich historical heritage. Language and arts still continue to dominate most of our daily activities and influence our lifestyle. It is one of the most undying and influential fields that continue to shape our social life and trends in subtle waysthat we cannot even realize. Language and arts both belong to the category of some of the most important subjects that requires excellent disposition of the mind to comprehend their depth and influence. With a faculty such as ours and the highly industry-centric curriculum, excellence in this field is not a dream for our students anymore.

Social Studies: Society has forever been a subject of intense discussion and constant deliberation among honchos specializing in the field. It is not only an area of great contention but also has contributed significantly to the progress of humanity as a whole,supported bya constant flow of ideas andthe discovery of new ways to implement them. It has been stated by many experts to be the third wheel that connects the gap between Arts and Science. What makes such a field unique is that it borrows the technique of methodology and scientific implementation of ideas and combines it with theoretical arguments put forward by Humanities. Such an area has seen many prominent experts such as Karl Marx, Spencer, Sigmund Freud, and many more who contributed significantly to a diverse range of sociological theory that characterizes our society today.

Commercial Studies and Management: It is currently one of the most important subjects that encompass the various theories of the capitalistic society that we live in. In simple words, it is the study of business management and the implementation of rules and regulations that can help to achieve a profitable trade. Management in itself is one of the few subjects that has its applications everywhere starting from our personal life to the professional fields. In the present century that we live in, knowledge in such a topic has rapidly gained importance even amongst the domains that are dedicated to the development of Technology. The application of such a field is evident from the current trends that show a rise in the number of students opting for such a subject.

Science and Engineering: It is without a doubt one of the vital avenues of knowledge that has changed the landscape and has transformed how we will look at things within a span of only a few years. Due to such monumental changes brought about by Science and Technology, we find ourselves updating to a new way of life every few years. It is, therefore,no surprise why most youths choose to opt for science and engineering as their core subject. Owing to the multiple facets that engineering has touched upon our lives on, such a subject has been firmly seating right at the pinnacle of all other avenues of knowledge.

At Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth, we aim to take the regular education to new standards and enable our students to explore the new horizons in academic excellence. As a prime institute and a Top Ranked University in Faridabad, we have been consistently catering to the educational needs of many ambitious minds. We offer high-quality education at par with international standards in the fields of Engineering, Management, Law, Architecture, and many more domains. At Lingaya’s, we equip our students with not only industry-centric academic knowledge but also highly valuable practical experience and exposure to the industry.