We, at Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth, recognized as the Best Private University in Faridabad, are gratified to offer the most advanced architectural program

Today we are dwelling in a world that is constantly advancing. Architectural works in the current times are imposing a significant impact on the society in ways we could not have imagined till a few years ago. In fact, initially, when the term architecture was derived from the Greek terminology Architekton, it was not considered as a full-fledged profession. Interestingly, at that time, an architect was considered to be just a moderately skilled professional who was responsible for constructing regular yielding structures for the use of individuals. However, the tale of the twenty-first-century architectural professionals differs plenty from what it was even then. The Dawang Mountain Resort, Changsha, China, Istanbul New Airport, Agora Garden Tower, Taipei, Millennium Village, Tangerang, Indonesia, Khazar Islands project, Azerbaijan, Publicis India office stand as some of the blazing examples of how the industry of architecture has been evolving, and so are the skills, dexterities and qualities of the next-generation architects.

Today’s rapidly growing technological advancements have set new expectations and parameters for the new-generation architects. As such, it is imperative for the aspirants to go by unique and state-of-the-art educational standards that offer a strong foundation of not only theoretical but also pragmatic knowledge for them. One of the names that undoubtedly deserve mention here is the Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth. The Lingaya’s School of Architecture is one of the top-ranked institutions in the nation that are known for delivering value-driven education. The institute is known for its pinnacles of idealism when it comes to grooming and preparing the future generation architectural professionals. Let’s take a more in-depth look here at the factors that set the Lingaya’s SOA apart from the rest.

World-class research and development center

It certainly cannot be denied that experiential learning and research is one of the leading necessities in fields like architecture, design and engineering. Architectural practices are mostly evaluated by practical, experiential, and hands-on understanding rather than theoretical insights. Hence, we, at the Lingaya’s School of Architecture, ensure that students are exposed to intricate challenges and industry-relevant scenarios with the help of our research and development facilities. From excellent lab culture, latest learning technologies, influential seminars, organizational and cultural activities to workshops, nearly every learning facility is made available for the holistic and intellectual development of our valued students.

Rich-collection of learning resources conferring industrial awareness

The next aspect that definitely deserves mention regarding Lingaya’s School of Architecture is its industry-centric curriculum as well as the rich set of learning resources. We are highly specific about what we provide our students with when it comes to training and education. We do not aim to goad them with unnecessary academic pressure but train them with the most significant and industry-relevant skills in the most vital areas of architecture and design. We have brought the most unique collection of learning materials for the reference purpose of both our faculty members as well as our students. We also significantly encourage digital learning and self-paced learning by offering to our students the access to the most modern learning facilities and resources in the form of CD-ROMS, on-line database, books, e-journals, patents, thesis reports, etc.

Guidance under the top educators of the nation

We do not leave a stone unturned when it comes to leveraging our students with the highest quality of architectural education under the mentorship of the best educators in the nation. Most of our faculty members are industry-experienced, foreign-educated, and highly passionate about passing on their valuable knowledge and insights to the curious and ambitious young minds.

We, at Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth, recognized as the Best Private University in Faridabad, are gratified to offer the most advanced architectural program that has the potential to shape the aspirants into successful architects of tomorrow. We are certain that with the kind of industry-centric education that we at our School of Architecture are offering, our students will surely be able to add much value to the constantly booming world of global architecture. Begin a new journey from the doorstep of Lingaya’s to ignite your passion in the arena of architecture.