Top 10 engineering colleges in Gurgaon

Top 10 engineering colleges in Gurgaon

India is on the rush towards modernization and economic success with high-tech industries and information technology taking the lead. To get with the flow, it is necessary to equip the country’s manpower with all the required skills, knowledge, and abilities to propel the industry into prosperity. The foundation of equipping the graduates for the corporate and business work environment starts from college/university campus. Institutions belonging to the higher education sector in India have to take the lead to put in the effort to provide its younger generation with world-class education along with research to sustain high-tech development. The country today needs highly trained scholars, innovators, and managers to move forward and compete on the global level. This is why it is necessary for the educational institutions in India to collaborate and form partnerships with international academic bodies and institutions to position themselves as leaders in the knowledge-based economies of the future era.

India perhaps has the advantage of a significantly large higher education sector with a long academic tradition. In order to compete in the globalized economy, efficiently trained graduates from reputed institutions are becoming increasingly important. So many high-quality institutions and research centers in the country form the basis of quality in higher education. Well-trained graduates from these institutions actively contribute their skills to the country’s burgeoning business sector. However, the fierce competition in the industry has been barging the current institutions to upgrade and improve their quality of education with the aim of building world-class, internationally competitive academic and research institutions. As a result, educational institutions today are preparing themselves to develop potential graduates who can compete successfully in the knowledge-based economy and support sophisticated research in a number of scholarly fields to produce the knowledge and technology needed for the expanding economy. Academic collaborations are indeed the most effective way to achieve this goal and facilitate dissemination of high-quality education that meets the global standards.

Academic Collaborations at Lingaya’s:

Educational Institutions today are keen on partnering and establishing academic collaborations with international institutions so that they can leverage mutual capabilities. At Lingaya’s University, we have strong academic collaboration programs with Indian and foreign universities and organizations, aimed at enabling the students to understand as well as meet the rising needs and demands of the rapidly growing industrial sector. The core mission is to prepare and equip the students for competing in the global economy. Collaboration programs with international universities contribute to the university’s goal by providing students and faculty members an international learning experience from a global perspective.

Lingaya’s University has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with various international universities and academic bodies to foster cooperation in academics and R&D activities.

  • Lingaya’s has signed MoU with the University of New Orleans (UNO), which has envisaged transfers of credits of Bachelor’s degree program in various engineering disciplines across India and USA.
  • Lingaya’s University has signed MoU with the Michigan State University for conducting UG and PG programs in Construction Management. The School of Architecture at Lingaya’s University and the School of Planning, Design, and Construction at Michigan State University have established an agreement to foster international cooperation in education and research.
  • Lingaya’s has also formed International Universities Twinning Programs, which gives students the benefit of gaining an International degree with enhanced quality education. With this “Twinning Program” scheme, students can complete half of the residency program at the Lingaya’s University in India and then, can continue the remaining part of the program in other partner universities.
  • With an aim to provide global exposure to the students, Lingaya’s University has signed MoU with several other international institutes such as the Webster University (Bangkok), Graduate Institute of Science and Management (Sri Lanka), Veronezh State Technical University (Russia) and Escuela Superior DC (Spain).

Through these collaborations with international universities, we, at Lingaya’s University, encourage and promote academic activities and programs for exchange of educational and research materials, publications, and other academic information between universities. Also, there is an exchange of faculty and research scholars through seminars, guest lectures, and exchange programs. Student exchange activities encourage international students to study in India, while at the same time, also facilitating Indian students to study abroad in those universities. Besides that, international collaborations enable joint research and meetings for educational purpose and research activities. It also facilitates technical assistance and creation/marketing of electronic instruction media, including credit and non-credit courses. Furthermore, the R&D and Innovation cell established by the Lingaya’s University stay involved in implementing collaboration with industry and other universities for multi-disciplinary research activities, publications, and patents/copyrights.

Lingaya’s University is committed to bridging the gap between academic growth and skills development by facilitating collaborations with international universities that helps to expand student and faculty experience in a global perspective. Providing a valuable opportunity for students to enhance their learning experience through such collaborations, Lingaya’s facilitates the development of constructive ideas and wisdom, thus, favoring the students’ development academically as well as intellectually.  The innovative and conducive learning environment at the university serves to instill the students with appropriate skills and high knowledge component to readily meet and cater the challenges of the global economy.

All in all, forging partnerships with outstanding international institutions and academic bodies have enabled Lingaya’s University to expand its student/faculty learning experience, aiding them with the global exposure and research contributions, thereby making the education at Lingaya’s more rewarding and constructive.