Top Ranked law Colleges in Faridabad

When you think of the grounds on which the proper functioning of society in general, and a country in particular, runs, the first thing that comes to your mind is the rules and regulations. Come to think of it and you’ll find that Law is something that is as old as the human civilization itself. It has changed forms and structures over time, but the essence has remained the same. Taking up the responsibility of such an illustrious line of work is no small feat to achieve. As such, being a lawyer can be deeply satisfying, intellectually challenging, and personally fulfilling.

It might seem like a lawyer is only obliged to his/her client, but that is not where the story ends. His/her obligations extend to his/her own moral code of conduct, and he/she is expected to be true to the constitutional laws of the country that he/she, on the capacity of being a lawyer, has vouched to uphold and protect. So, apart from all of the above-mentioned advantages, one of the biggest factors in this profession is that of responsibility, and that is not just towards the client, but also towards the law of the country that binds us all. That does not at all mean that the profession is any less rewarding than other professions. Yes, it’s true that it is one of the most challenging professions, but what is also true about the profession of law is that it is bound to a sense of responsibility which makes the rewards feel sweeter for the legal professionals.

There is no denying the fact that in our country, we have a rather complex legal system. Thus, the career options in the legal profession are also hundreds in number, involving several core and non-core operations. From lawyers, paralegals, judges, secretaries, to consultants, the role of a legal professional is always evolving and expanding to keep pace with the legal system and its newest developments.

At the heart of the profession is definitely client service and it comes as a duty to the legal profession to solve the issues that the client is facing in his/her professional or personal life. You can be a lawyer representing an MNC, a paralegal helping an abused woman to get restraining orders, or a law clerk dealing with tax issues for a business, the avenues are multifaceted. In all of these avenues, one thing that is common is that you are brainstorming to come to the aid of people in need. From a common man’s perspective, the lawyer is sometimes their only hope of finding a solution to their crisis. When so much of trust is placed upon your shoulders, it naturally becomes a job of responsibility and accountability.

The responsibility of a lawyer extends towards the society as well. There are multiple changes that are brought about in the society by the action of the lawyers. For instance, bringing new cost structures, developing new models of legal service delivery, and other such factors are only possible due to the efforts and acumen of the lawyers. They are instrumental in proving the crimes of the guilty and also bringing out the innocent unharmed. Even in case of those who are guilty, the lawyers are influential in ensuring that the punishment levied is not more than the crimes committed. Thus, the duty and responsibilities that a lawyer has towards the society and its people are undeniable.

Taking up such a responsibility is not an easy task to achieve, and it needs heartfelt dedication and perseverance on the part of an individual. We, at Lingaya’s School of Law, believe that if you have the zeal to learn in your heart, we have the ideal structure to help you reach your destination. The aim of our legal programs is to acquaint and sensitize the budding lawyers of the country about the functioning and effectiveness of the legal systems of our nation.

The relevance of law studies is never going to diminish in a multicultural and multivariate society like ours. And to be relevant as lawyers in such a legal system, you need to have the right skill set and academic knowledge. This is where the wisdom of the mentors at the Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth comes into the picture. We have brought together one of the most experienced bunch of teachers under one roof as our mentor group. They are veterans in their own fields of law and are also backed with enough teaching experience to provide all-around grooming to each student. Our techniques are not just limited to lectures, and we also include case studies, group discussions, seminars, and moot court competitions as our methods. The effectiveness of the teaching techniques at Lingaya’s is always evident in results. The success of our students speaks for the quality of learning that they have achieved, and this is exactly what has helped us secure a position among the top 10 law colleges in Delhi NCR.