Top law Colleges in Faridabad

Top law Colleges in Faridabad

Law is one among the popular careers choices in India owing to the wide scope and stability that the profession offers. In India, the legal education has undergone a lot of changes in the past decades with new law schools and colleges springing up all over the country. Being a potential profession in today’s economy, law graduates are getting placed in prestigious firms and corporate houses, creating a wide scope of career possibilities. With the trend going this way, getting a legal education cannot be a piece of cake and it takes the right institution to prepare efficient and responsible law graduates.

The greatest perk of becoming a lawyer is that you are a part of the justice system. However, if it is the money that thrills you, you will still not be disappointed with a law career. This is because a career in law is just not limited to judiciary and courtrooms but there are various law firms, corporate houses, as well as administrative and judicial firms, offering highly lucrative pay packages and interesting profiles for law students.

While the scope of law career in the current timeshas become too good to be ignored than the yesteryears, educational institutions have started focusing on providing quality legal education to the aspiring students. However, students need to find the right platform in terms of the right educational institute that lays a strong foundation for their legal career.

In this regard, the Lingaya’s University is one notable institution that is serving to uplift the standard and dignity of legal education in India. The university indeed provides all the essentials of knowledge and skills that are required to equip and prepare students to stand out as professionals in this domain.

Lingaya’s School of Law: A Robust Platform for a Strong Legal Career

Lingaya’s University, with its sprawling campus,spread over an area of 26.5 acres of landin Faridabad, Haryana is an esteemed institution that instills a good foundation for legal studies to build a sturdy career for law graduates who can stand ahead of the curve, even among the stiffest competitions.

Legal studies are concerned with exploring the problems of a multicultural society in the light of law and culture. While this disciple is becoming increasingly relevant in the recent times, Lingaya’s University has come up offering its robust legal studies program to sensitize and apprise the future lawyers of the nation about the functioning of our legal systems and its effectiveness in contributing to the development goals and governance processes of the society.

The School of Law at the Lingaya’s University offers both undergraduate and one-year law programmes for the students. Each of the course at Lingaya’s School of Law is sculpted in a way that it fulfills the vision and mission of the college. The expertise of the highly efficient faculty team, industry-driven course content, great learning environment, and the effective pedagogy all club together to give a competitive edge to the students amidst other institutions.

All of the LL.B programs offered at Lingaya’s intend to provide exhaustive knowledge in legalsubjects along with social sciences that help students acquire a great understanding of the professional application of legal problems coupled with fundamental knowledge of social issues.

The one year LL.M. programat Lingaya’s offers an advantage for students to equip themselves with the knowledge about the law through a short-term course. The program provides the opportunity to have active participation in different fields of study and get familiar with the subject intensively.

What Makes Lingaya’s University Stand Out

The top-notch pedagogy at Lingaya’s focuses on enabling the law graduates to qualify for judicial services, commissions, and other public, private, and government sector professions. The salient highlight of the institute is its highly qualified team of faculty, which comprises of barristers, solicitors, judges, and other legal advisors/professionals having years of experience in the sector, and who teach the students not only the legal education but also share knowledge and skills from their own, personal and professional experiences. Having the best of all learning environment, we enable our students to learn in professional, realistic context, apart from the usual theoretical approach. Our curriculum is incorporated with real-life case study based learning, special lectures, group discussions, moot court competitions, debates, journal works, as well as seminars and internship programs that help to develop as well as polish the potential of students.

Moreover, we, at Lingaya’s University, have a vast and well-furnished library that has a wide range of online and hardbound resources to engage the students in extensive research, which benefits them at many different stages of their career. The university also has a Legal Aid Cell and research centers that provide students the impetus to social responsibility, and at the same time, offers a potential platform for faculty members and students to intensify their research skills.

Apart from providing a great learning environment, the university also focuses on co-curricular activities as a part of an internal component of evaluation in their learning process.

Lingaya’s University adopts a multidisciplinary approach to learning to help develop the right kind of skill set and positive attitude in students. Since lawyers are the intrinsic part of the social system, it is necessary that law students should also be good and responsible citizens who follow and practice law as a duty. In that sense, the institution imparts a sense of awareness of the ethical values and social accountability to the students, so that when they grow and succeed as a lawyer, they remain responsible citizens of the nation.

Undoubtedly, a career in law holds diverse employment opportunities with a lucrative pay scale that makes it a potential career option for many. However, without the right platform to uplift, succeeding in a career becomes tough. This is where Lingaya’s University stands apart as a reliable educational institute for legal studies. Lingaya’s University is one such potential institute that can lay a strong foundation for a legal career with its highest quality professional education that not only focuses at instilling the students with theoretical knowledge, but also provides them the necessary skills and attitude required that are inevitably required for succeeding in the domain of law.

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