best law colleges in Faridabad

Any nation’s inherent progress is symbolized by evolved nature of its judicial framework. Progressive protection of fundamental rights, exemplary facilities for justice obtainment, and conversancy of law-makers in adopting novel approaches for development and consequent strengthening of law infrastructure – all such aspects describe real nature of a state’s justice system. However, in addition to these criterions, what also matters is the deftness possessed by that land’s lawyers. If they are not agile enough to utilize a state’s advanced legal organization to the best interest of its residents, then the aforementioned national judicial distinctiveness appears to be futile in guaranteeing the populace a ‘righteous’ life.

In general, legal educators and professionals throughout the world agree upon some definite characteristics that seem to be indispensable for a legal practitioner to be successful in his/her profession:

Optimum Knowledge Base – In order to establish top-most proficiency over the skill of impeccably applying required legal tenets for a case and spontaneously citing to clauses at the very courtroom to champion his/her cause, an advocate requires enriching own wisdom on a regular basis. Acumen imbibed within the books, informative viewpoints provided by journals, and pragmatic enlightenment preserved at periodicals, a legal practitioner must explore all learnable resources routinely. This virtuous practice aids a law professional to heighten his/her own aptitudes at comprehending and analyzing, and thereby magnifying self-confidence. We, at the Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth, a top-ranked law university in Faridabad, has a vast and adeptly updated library of law books that serve as a constant stimulation for the students to keep reading and exploring more and more.

Sharp Critical Thinking Skills – To remain assured of success in any case, it is essential that an advocate interprets the case from both positive and negative spectrums. Law scholars claim that it is essential that the defending solicitor should also scrutinize the case critically from the opponent colleague’s standpoint and thereby realize inherent potentiality at acquiring victory.  For nurturing such a capacity, the lawyer requires developing a habit of studying previous cases of his/her genre and remaining relentlessly aware about the judgments on the latest cases as and when given. The more the lawyer examines diverse questioning, cross-examining, and convincing methods assumed by veterans and contemporaries, the better he/she be able to recognize the nature of verdict given based upon those. This eventually helps to amplify the lawyer’s propensity to immaculately proceed with a cause, detect the strong and weak grounds, and resultantly fetch triumph. Acknowledging vitality of this expertise, the legal education department of Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth adopts, from the very preliminary level, a case-study constructed pedagogy that enables its students to transform into highly adept law professionals.

Determination and Drive for Research – Fortitude and enthusiasm are the two cardinal mantras behind the rise and forward-moving of every advocate. A lawyer must never lose hope over winning and should not feel exhausted while working over a case. Sustaining with prominence even at the most antagonistic courtroom environ and dedicating totality of self-potentiality for turning down all stones related to the case and digging as far as possible for it must be the goals of each legal professional. The law department at Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth takes complete care in assuring that each of its students develop inclination for research. It also organizes regular moot court situations to infuse into learners the real know-how of survival.

The Overall Interactive Aptitude – A lawyer bit only requires to speak in front of the honorable magistrate but also amidst hundreds of others. Moreover, while at the court, a lawyer holds the responsibility of representing the very image of a citizen or an organization. These two factors necessitate a solicitor to be perfect while being vocal with cause or using the pen in relation to it. A lawyer must be constantly aware of utilizing correct words in right place, availing suitable technical terms, and opting for perfect cordial salutations wherever essential. Also, he/she must have an influential and logically convincing oratory and writing capacity. Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth’s academic infrastructure facilitates the LLM and LLB students to take part in various law discussion forums, professional seminars, and faux court platforms and thereby enables them to polish their expertise at faultless and powerful public speaking and adroit official correspondence.

Other Field Awareness – While defending a client’s cause, a solicitor’s chance of achieving success multiplies if he/she becomes able to reliably and rationally state about the bigger social/political or economic good that the case’s verdict will fetch. Also, people feel comfortable in conversing with such lawyers, who can understand the background consequences related to their problem. Hence an advocate, while mastering the data treasured at law books, should also retain enlightenment over socio-political and commercial spectrums. In accordance with this necessity, legal faculty at Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth consumes a holistic multi-disciplinary teaching strategy that enables the students to gain an all-encompassing approach.

We, at the Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth, recognized among the best law colleges in Faridabad, believe that along with possessing an awe-inspiring mark sheet, an LLB or LLM degree holder must also remain pragmatically prepared to upheld justice in any real-world scenario. To that end, the university undertakes holistic practical training of law students as its principal motto and vows to make each alumnus aptly functional for India’s judicial structure.