Best Law College in Faridabad

Best Law College in Faridabad

The Indian legal force is one of the largest workforce in the world which has proliferated a lot in the last few decades. As India is one among the fastest developing nations of the world, law indeed plays a vital role in its growth. Law is the force which regulates the Indian society and also helps in establishing a law-abiding community. It provides a pace to the country to grow and achieve more on the global platform. Therefore, it is one of the most influential professions prevailing in the country for the aspirants today.

The Bar Council of India is the central administration responsible for providing the legal education and also lays down the standards and ethics for the legal education imparted at the universities and colleges. The Bar Council of India is also responsible for approving the centers or schools or colleges or universities which offer legal education. It also prescribes the different types and standards of the study courses, eligibility criteria, all the infrastructure requirements, and other related things, which are required for providing legal education in the country. It has also introduced the All India Bar Examination (AIBE) in 2010, which is a compulsory examination for all law graduates who want to seek registration as advocates. Also, as a part of the statutory function for promoting the legal education, the Council is accountable to visit or inspect the law universities or colleges in the country.

Legal education is as important as the law itself as it helps in shaping the quality of the legal framework of a country. Legal professionals help in building the foundation of the nation which binds the citizens to the defined rules. Law education, hence, holds a very crucial role in the overall development of the nation.

It is a level of advanced education which is gained by the individuals so as to add to the nation’s legal workforce in the form of legal professionals like lawyers, administrators, politicians, etc. or legal practitioners. The law degree can also be utilized in the fields of business and academics too. In comparison to other forms of professional education like engineering, medical, finance, etc., the legal education provides its pursuers the right of being professional as well as liberal.

The legal education is the source which provides strength to our society and enables its pursuers to have a profession that holds great honor. It is one of those few professions that deal with the issues or problems of the society on a whole. It is a profession which has a social responsibility of serving the society. Legal education lays the foundation that prepares the professionals who take up the responsibility to maintain the dignity of the judicial sector of the nation with their code of conduct and legal ethics.

To that end, law schools serve as the initial platform where legal professionals of tomorrow are groomed and prepared on the legal ethics and practices. If you wish to join the brigade of legal professionals in the country, the very first step on your pathway into the world of law is to get yourself enrolled into a law school where you can pursue your legal education. However, what is important here is to make sure that the law school you choose to pursue your dream course from, is duly recognized by the BCI and is reputed enough for delivering quality legal education to the aspirants. Do check for the reputation of the educational institution in terms of its faculty and placements. Faculty of an institution is one of the prime sources of providing the world-class knowledge to the students. Teachers not only offer you knowledge but also act as your mentors to enrich your legal experience, broaden up your viewpoints regarding the different matters, help you prepare for the legal profession, and motivate you further to do well in your areas of specialization and more. This is why it is important that before zeroing on the institution, you thoroughly assess the same on various aspects.

Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth is one of those few educational institutions in the country that you can rely upon for quality education and for gaining valuable industry experience. The institution has been benefitting the aspirants with highly focused law education ever since its inception in the year 2016. Lingaya’s has been consistently contributing to strengthening the country’s legal framework by enabling the law aspirants in the country to gain a robust insight into the legal standards and practices. The law school is recognized by the Bar Council of India, New Delhi and houses experienced faculty that plays an important role in facilitating the aspiring students to become a part of the legal workforce of the nation and transform into successful legal practitioners and honourable citizens of the country.