Aiming for a job in the financial industry can be a very demanding prospect and yet equally rewarding for many. It is one of the most sought-after jobs in the market that is also heavily in demand by various companies. Finance Management today, is one of the most significant fields in the private job segment as each organization requires the solid abilities of a skilled professional proficient particularly in managing monetary resources. With the expansion of the market and high competition in professional spheres, it is fundamental that all aspiring individuals have the additional aptitudes and information to deal with complex circumstances required by the business.

If you are aiming for a bright career in the financial sector, taking the right steps towards selecting the appropriate field is very important. To succeed as a professional in this field, you will need a set of specific target oriented skills that can help you to achieve the excellence you desire. We, at Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth, with years of experience in guiding our students towards success, can help you make the right choices and aid you in your selection of the field you desire to excel in.  Here is a rundown of a few professions that you can look at once you have earned a management degree in finance:

Financial Analyst: It is one of those fields that holds immense importance in both the business and the service sectors. The primary role of a financial analyst is to analyze investments, calculate probable returns, and to gather various statistical and finance related data that can be effectively used to determine a project’s validity and measure its progress. It is these professionals who provide a stable financial growth plan and determine the projected profits of a company. Such a professional in the field starts off with a modest salary ranging from 4 lacs to 6 lacs per annum.

Financial Manager: These are the professionals who act as an overwatch and maintain the fiscal goals of the company by ensuring that proper procedures and protocols are being followed. The financial managers in a company perform the dual role of a strategic analyst by compiling the data and providing a pie chart or a graph that can help the management to take vital business-related decisions. They also manage budget reports, financial reports, and help to synchronize the department under them to attain maximum efficiency. A financial manager usually earns around 5 lacs to 7 lacs p.a. initially, which then increases with experience.

Financial Adviser: It is currently rated as one of the most lucrative careers today with the fastest growth rate in the financial sector. Popularly referred to as the financial planners and wealth managers, such professionals offer calculated advice on proceeding with investments and evaluate market risks and potential profits. They also provide information to independent clients on how to manage money and help with savings, pensions, and mortgages. Such professionals have a huge earning potential with salaries ranging from 6 lacs to 8 lacs p.a.

Chartered Accountant: Recognized as a highly lucrative and equally respected profession, a chartered accountant has the immense responsibilities of maintaining accurate financial details, undertake financial audits, and manage complex economic status reports for the organization. Every enterprise requires a chartered accountant, no matter how big or small.  These are the professionals who give a company a clear view of goals and earn more than 8 lacs per annum depending on their placement.

Actuary: An actuary can be regarded as the fortune tellers of a company based on solid statistics and mathematical calculations. To become an actuary, you need to have a deep understanding of the workings of the financial machinery. An actuary uses all the available data of the organization to plot a growth chart and helps the company to set achievable goals. Such professionals also belong to the category of high earners with an income of around 7 lacs p.a.

At present, the finance industry is among the fastest growing sectors and holds a lot of potential for prospective professionals. With a steady 12 percent growth in the economic market, this field naturally holds much importance and also present the aspiring youth with a lucrative career option. Hence, we, at Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth, a Top Ranked Management College in Faridabad, take the utmost care in providing our students with the necessary skills they need to excel in the industry. With the help of a premium faculty armed with successful teaching methods, we have bred many students who have acquired great success in the finance industry and still continue to so. To make sure that our pupils have an absolute grasp of the subject, we provide elaborate seminars and internship programs where they can apply what they learn. We believe that no target is unachievable. And hence with the right kind of direction and world-class education provided by us to our students, we are sure that each of our alumni will positively make a mark for themselves in the industry.