Computer Science and Technology is one of the fastest developing areas on the planet today. Everything from working on data and reports in an office to the assembly procedures in a factory requires fast computations and calculations that are conceivable only with the assistance of such machines. Computer science as a subject is both well-known and popular among the young generation today. Due to their familiarity and interest in such a field, a lot of students opt for Computer Science as their subject of choice for their profession. Such technology today has dramatically impacted our society changing our general surroundings and the way we live.  Due to its importance, Computer Science happens to be a standout amongst the most lucrative fields in the business world, holding a ton of eminence and potential. All these factors combined make it one of the top professions to aim for.


The career options in the field of Computer Science are numerous and equally rewarding for a fresh graduate with a B.Tech degree. Therefore, we at Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth, have chalked out a list of prospective career options that the graduates in computer science and technology can explore to further their career according to their preferences. A few of these are listed below:

Software Engineer: It is one of the most popular fields and an obvious choice for most B.Tech graduates who desire to implement their skills in the profession. Software engineers can be grouped into two categories – computer applications software engineer and computer systems software engineer. While the former is responsible for the development, coding, and maintenance of general system software, the latter deals with the coding and programming of software that runs a computer and other programmable systems. Both jobs are in the same line and are also among the highly paid jobs in the industry today, with a salary that spiral upwards of 6 lacs per annum.

Graphic Designer: Graphic designers are considered to be one of the most creative professionals in the industry. Such professionals blend HTML programming and coding with artistry and are required by both small-scale businesses setting up their website as well as the large-scale entrepreneurs who require specialized services for their designs. Graphic designers also remain involved in creating creative content designs as per the demands of the client and the website. Their work mostly revolves around using innovative software to design relevant content, arranging pictures, moving images, videos, and other such materials. The job description, though, varies from one sector to another but overall, the profession of a Graphic Designer is financially gratifying. The starting salary is generally around 3 lacs per annum but has the potential to go up with experience and exposure.

Software Tester: A software tester has one of the essential jobs in the industry and is considered highly important especially in both major and minor software developing firms. Such professionals are the reason why we can operate our computers and programmable electronic devices smoothly and efficiently. A software tester is tasked with the major responsibility of checking any newly developed software for any discrepancies in both the application and the coding of algorithms. He/she is responsible for reviewing potential bugs and security loopholes that may jeopardize the entire system. The job of a software tester is quite demanding as the number of testing possibilities is near infinite. Such professionals start their career with a basic pay of around 4 to 5 lacs p.a. which then increases gradually with experience.

Mobile Application Developer: Such professionals are also a kind of software developers only albeit for a different and a more compact platform. With the boom in smartphone technology, the importance of these professionals cannot be denied. A mobile application developer is responsible for coding, creating, and maintaining mobile-based software and applications. They often develop OS and apps that are tested as prototypes before being released into the market. All top mobile phone manufacturing companies in the market today employ such professionals who enjoy the benefit of a handsome salary that starts from about 4 to 5 lacs p.a.

Computer Science is one of the top fields in the IT and engineering sector and has seen a constant growth from the year 2008 which continues to rise today. The applications of such a field are endless and the importance far-reaching. Therefore, we at Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth, one of the top private university in Haryana, have constructed a highly practical-based, industry-centric B.Tech program in Computer Science which allows the pursuers to meet the market demands very aptly. We have a committed and highly experienced team of faculty on board who are dedicated to help the students realize their dreams for a bright future in such a field. With our state-of-the-art laboratories, seminars, and internship programs, we see to it that our students gain the competence that can help them to succeed in their professional lives.

Being one of the most innovative and highly regarded professions, a career in computer science is considered to be the golden standards of success. With a high commitment from our institute and hard work from our students, we continuously strive to aid the young minds to aim for the stars and reach them too.