Higher Studies in Education Contribute Towards the Betterment of Society

A country’s rank at the global yardstick of advancement gets implicitly determined by the progressive fabric of its society. And this benchmark, in turn, is not solely depended on the economic excellence accomplished and owned by that community. How much evolved a nation’s social order is, gets cardinally defined by the ‘humane’ quality that every individual within it possesses. When a society gets constructed with people who are honest, benevolent, amiable, moral, and retain the virtues of clarified thinking and philanthropy, it emerges as a true forward-moving entity and in effect also enhances the nation’s ‘developed’ status.

But the issue that appears herein is that of the right procedure or strategy through which such a purely enlightened character of each inhabitant can be ensured. To this end, some wise men do cite family as the perfect learning ground. Nevertheless, the more effective methodology, which has gained time-proven recognition, is the imparting of holistic education at the schools. The level of ‘humanity’ retained by any nation’s residents is based over the distinctive schooling obtained by them in the preliminary years of life. Now some can claim that it appears to be an impossible task for school teachers to infuse humanitarian values into students in addition to mentoring them over the formal academic curriculum.

However, in reality, this seemingly unfeasible responsibility turns out to be a trouble-free endeavor for the very instructors. And that is principally because of the distinguished wisdom they pick up by studying the courses of B.Ed. (Bachelor of Education) and, at a higher level, M.Ed. (Master of Education). These two programs fundamentally aid the educators to master the tactics of delivering value-based scholastic knowledge to the budding ones and enriches them with traits of logical reasoning, uprightness, critical analysis, open-mindedness, and ingenuity.

As can be complacently interpreted, such a comprehensive mentoring does assist the adolescents and teenagers to become authentically ideal citizens of own motherland. It also represents the indispensable significance of B.Ed. and M.Ed. degree holder teachers for enriching the societal texture of a nation. In this regard, the School of Education at Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth emerges as one leading educational institution that undertakes the chief motto of training future teachers in a true dexterous fashion, which empowers them to facilitate the transformation of each learning ‘sapling’ into real dependable and effective emissary for national progress.

We, at the Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth, a top private university in Faridabad, pay heed to the fact that the learner-instructors receive that ‘class’ of grooming, which influences them to recognize teaching not as a ‘job’ but as a national duty. On a definite spectrum, the articulate ways adopted at the Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth through which the trained teachers pace up that exclusive ‘moving ahead’ of every society, include:

  • An integrated professional approach to transmit the exactly required qualitative education at every respective schooling stage
  • Acknowledging the various religious, academic, political, and ecological notions existing in a heterogeneous society and utilizing subjective pedagogy for preparing students to deal with those aspects as and when faced.
  • Comprehending the psychological character and behavioral tendencies of students of each age-group, adopting suitable instructional methods in relevance to that, and in effect assuring productive schooling to all
  • Availing all sorts of updated technological strategies and digital tools (verbal and inscribed) to make learning enticing and inquisitive, promote active and fruitful educator-learner interaction, and successfully execute collaborative classroom projects
  • Envisioning both official and unofficial methods for student performance evolution and mastering over the aptitude to assess the in-context all-round progress of pupils
  • Continuous stimulation to every learner for the thriving of optimism and good spirit in them, alerting them about the benefits of possessing a fit physique
  • Use of own aptitude for intellectual enhancement of society’s human capital

These worthy grounds again justify the pursuit of contemporary school authorities’ for B.Ed. and/or M.Ed. degree as the vital qualification for aspiring teachers. This is particularly important for the society as diverse as the Indian one as the presence of well-groomed educators can help make each socio-culturally different student the conscientious ambassador of country’s all-inclusive growth by an exquisitely effective pedagogy. Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth, one of the best government approved colleges in Haryana, prevails as an exclusive academic organization, which is perfectly empowered to fulfill this necessity.

The School of Education at the Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth motivates each enrolled student to realize innate aptitude, nurture own vision about teaching, and realize socio-political backdrop and economic silhouette about the bestowal of academic knowledge. They are also given adept interface through opportunities like co-working at projects with the education ministry and daily-basis productive interaction with corresponding legislative institutes.

Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth principally desires to make each of its students understand the importance of ethics and truthfulness in shaping lives and thereby equip them with the right potentiality to humanely cultivate the seeds for social progress.