The theory of ‘management’ is a lot more dynamic than just the roles and responsibilities entailed with it. It has its offshoots widespread in every sector of the industry today but is yet so distinctive in its own way when it comes to accomplishing a goal. Besides, the modern management system is undergoing advancement by leaps and bounds. It is often said that the most intricate part of a management career is the beginning and the notion is quite factual. A manager is positioned to be the core behind any process, the ultimate brain behind the scene who directs how things would proceed further. As a newbie in the task, one can understandably feel anxious and also nervous. Irrespective of whichever organization you are going to be a part of or whichever management position you are going to take, there are a few standard tips that can never go wrong and always make you shine as a valuable assetfor your organization throughout your management career.

Setting a mentor

There are no hard and fast ways and methods set for accomplishing the tasks and responsibilities of the manager. Many new managers find it hard to leave past the employee life and step into the life of a leader. Challenges are a part of a management career and they do not get less but eventually, you learn how to deal with them effectively over time. This process of learning is dynamic, but having a guide, mentor, or role model having ample of industry experience is a wise idea. Finding someone who once had a similar profile as you would be a cherry on top.

Expect things to unfold roughly

As already mentioned above, challenges are unavoidable when you are in the management department. You need to consider the fact that meeting the challenges is exactly what you are hired for. As a beginner, you can certainly keep high expectations but ensure they are realistic at the same time. Successful and strong managers ignore small failures and focus on the ‘bigger picture,’ and there is a valid reason for why they do that.  Little disasters should not be bothering your upcoming opportunities, however, you should be careful and cautious of the upcoming risks.

Before playing a leader,start being an observer

One of the most common mistakes attempted by young managers is racing into the craftsmanship of leading or diving head straight into an important decision. Managers certainly require being spontaneous but they have to be sound at the same time. In the management position, you will be required to harmonize between being both spontaneous and mindful. Hence, paying distinctive attention to each team member, observing their typical styles of accomplishing a goal, and reacting or responding in an apt manner is highly critical.

Understanding the fine line between companionship and friendship

Well, the above-mentioned point is one of the essential ones that shall require additional heed from your part. Focusing on building healthy professional relationships rather than rapport building is the key to make the mark. Try to make contacts that shall help you learn, grow, and explore deeper into your profession and industry in the long run. Keep your target intact on tapping into the industrial network and align your mindset to tiny goals like identifying relationship needs, scheduling time to build relationships, appreciating colleagues, avoiding small talks, etc.

Portray a model behavior

Getting into the practice of leading is one of the key concerns that you will need to focus on. The commanding style of leadership is a lost practice and the modern art of management demands implying the rules and regulations in your own professional life that you set for your team members. Staying visible, appearing early for meetings, possessing a positive attitude are some of the key aspects to put an emphasis on.

Sidestepping the most common mistakes committed by new managers

Refraining from making decisions, being dependable by nature when it comes to tasks and responsibilities, emphasizing on details rather than goals are some of the most common slip-ups made by new managers. Performing a certain level of research about the likely errors and challenges is an apt way to dodge pointless mistakes.

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