Engineering has surely remained one of the most sought after career options for years and has a lot of career prospects associated with it. Civil engineering being one of the major branches in the studies of engineering offers promising future prospects to the aspirants. It is a hot stream of education among the students pursuing science at their higher secondary level, and Civil Engineering is undoubtedly one of the oldest and the most dependable ones amongst them. Here in this article below, we have listed for you some of the best career options that you can choose to work on upon completing your degree program in Civil Engineering:

Building Control Surveyor

When any construction work is done, be it for an office, a house, or a shopping mall, it is mandatory that these are made following specific rules and regulations. Maintaining the hygiene of the process is the primary responsibility of the Building Control Surveyor. From examining the drawings and plans to permitting approvals for the construction in concern falls under the roles and responsibilities of the civil engineer recruited as a Building Control Surveyor.

Consulting Civil Engineer

As the name suggests, investigating and extending suggestions on any construction project is the primary job of a Consulting Civil Engineer. Almost every aspect of the project starting from designing to budgeting is controlled and summoned by these consultants. Obvious enough, this position comes with an excellent salary package and a lot of respect.

Water Engineer

An out-of-the-box choice for a civil engineering graduate would be to become a Water Engineer. Water engineering refers to the work of ensuring the supply of safe water that can be used in every sphere of life. Though civil engineering does not sound to be directly involved with the process, the infrastructural facilities to run the entire system can only be rendered by an expert civil engineer with good knowledge of designing. The structural designing of the pumping stations, pipelines, and the earthwork depend largely on the expertise of the civil engineers.

Design Engineer

Designing is an integral part of the civil engineering curriculum. Understanding the requirements of the clients well and delivering appropriate design following the same is the primary responsibility of a Design Engineer. Civil engineers undoubtedly make for the best design engineers being experts in structural designing. This is a rewarding career with a handsome payout.

Other Related Careers

Building Services Engineer, Construction Manager, Engineering Geologist, Environmental Consultant, Geotechnical Engineer, and Quantity Surveyor are some of the avenues that a civil engineer can pursue after completion of the course and upon gaining some experience in the related field of work. Though these designations are not directly related to the civil engineering domain, the options are still available and good for the career of a civil engineering graduate.

Jobs Abroad

There is enormous demand for civil engineers not only within the boundaries of the country but outside as well. Lately, the global recruitments are taking momentum, and there has been a considerable increase in the demand for civil engineers in foreign nations as well. With a competent degree in Civil Engineering from a reputed institution like Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth, you can also fulfill your dreams to fly overseas to pursue your career. The salary of a civil engineer varies from work to work and place to place. Whatever be the differences, one thing that remains common throughout is that the entry-level remunerations for a civil engineer are quite high across the globe which makes this domain a popular choice for many. Taking that into consideration, we, at Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth, recognized among the Best Civil Engineering Colleges in Gurgaon, Haryana, have left no stones unturned in bringing forth the most industry-relevant, globally benchmarked curriculum for our civil engineering program. We are proud to state that our civil engineering alumni are placed all over the world, and doing remarkably well in their respective professional domains.

We, at Lingaya’s, firmly believe that practical knowledge is a must when it comes to learning engineering. Hence, beyond the academic classes, we arrange for a technical training session that gives the students the real feel of the entire matter. The specially maintained placement cell grooms all the aspirants for facing the interview boards in a perfect manner that enhances their chances of getting through and grab the best of job opportunities at a lucrative payout. This is the main reason why Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth has always maintained a steady and commendable placement record throughout. Once trained from Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth, you can rest assured that success will always be with you!