Best management Institutes in Delhi NCR

Management education is one of the most sought-after degrees in the present times, and the prime reason behind this is the bright career opportunities that it holds for the young people. The value of the course can be well-assessed from the number of high-ranked students coming from the B-schools who find employment in some of the most revered national and multinational companies. In the highly competitive corporate world of the present times, having a formal education in business management and administration is a big plus in helping the candidates become a valuable asset to the corporate houses. The financial success amassed by the graduates of B-school is one of the most inspiring factors for the budding professionals. If you are one of the aspirants for an MBA degree, the following are some lucrative career options waiting for you at the end of your course.

Financial Manager

The companies around the world depend on the expertise of the financial managers to thrive in the highly competitive corporate environment. Financial managers have the responsibility of overseeing the financial transactions and related activities of companies. They supervise cash management and investment undertakings, create monetary procedures, and administer the budget process. Financial managers have a huge role to play in helping the corporates meet their fiscal objectives. The prospects of bagging a job as a financial manager lie the best with the individuals with an MBA with a concentration in finance and certification. The job prospects in this arena have a projected growth of over seven percent in the year 2014-2024.

Health Services Manager

The diversifying and expanding healthcare industry needs knowledgeable managers that can help to ensure the healthcare businesses to run smoothly. The Health Services Managers ensure that the companies abide by the government reforms to healthcare delivery. The work mainly centers on supervision of the work of technicians, doctors, and clerical workers. While in smaller facilities, the health services managers basically supervise an entire healthcare facility, but in the bigger facilities, health services managers are given the responsibility of a particular department, like finance or patient care services. Though an MBA with any specialization is good enough for the post, the ones with a master’s degree in healthcare administration frequently go for an additional MBA to consolidate their chances of going for the post of Health Services Manager.

Management Consultant

The job of a Management Consultant is all about providing guided direction to companies to help them stay competitive and relevant. Management Consultants typically have a specialization in a particular type of industry, and their agenda is to aid the companies and government agencies to solve the management issues by controlling costs, maximizing profits, and increasing productivity and efficiency. In the modern day and age of the internet, the management consultants aid the companies in their adjustments to new business regulations or the establishment of the online businesses. The managers are entrusted to impart advice to chief operation officers, chief financial officers, chief executive officers, and other such top executives. An MBA graduate with any specialization and relevant experience is suited to take up the job of a Management Consultant.

Investment Fund Manager

Investment Fund Managers are assigned to provide financial advice and direct the investment towards individuals and organizations. Investments carried out in stock markets and real estate involves many complex facets like portfolio revision and execution, performance evaluation, formulation of a portfolio strategy, selection of securities, specification of investment constraints and objectives, and so on. Apart from high monthly income, the earnings of an Investment Fund Manager are substantially higher which is also owing to commissions and bonuses that they earn. The investment fund management firms look to hire candidates who come with an MBA degree with a concentration in finance and investment.

Computer and Information Systems Manager

The job description of a Computer and Information Systems Manager revolves around planning and managing all the computer-related activities of a company. It also deals with intranet and internet sites and the development of the computer networks. Information and computer systems managers are also involved with the security and maintenance of networks. To bag this highly prestigious job, you need to have an MBA with specialization in information systems. Computer and Information Systems Manager is needed in a wide range of job arenas ranging from healthcare organizations and software publishing firms to data processing and hosting companies, and more.

The job opportunities are aplenty for an MBA graduate but one of the prime requisites to be suitable for any of the jobs is to get your management skills honed to perfection. Since the numbers of MBA graduates are on the rise, the companies look to hire only the best of the rest and to be one among the best, it is important that you are trained by the best. This is where we, at the Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth, the top private university in Faridabad and one among the best management Institutes in Delhi NCR, come into the picture. With our world-class curriculum and international standards of teaching, we ensure that our students are ready to take on any role in the very demanding corporate world of today.

Thanks to the dedication of our students, the efficient mentoring by our faculty, and the committed efforts of our placement cell, our alumni are currently placed in some of the most revered national and multinational companies. Our management students of today are the business leaders of tomorrow, and we, at Lingaya’s, take pride in giving wings to their dreams of a bright future.