In the present century, management has taken over as one of the most sought-after fields. Be it any industry, management is something that has got its place right inthe roots. Companies simply cannot be run without the able skills of the managers. Everything starting from the very first process in an industry to the very last chain of distribution of goods and services requires the competency of an able manager at the helm of affairs. The work of a manager goes a long way in determining the efficiency and fate of the company and therefore such a profession is regarded highly by many and demands a lot of knowledge and responsibility.The classic example of this is the fact that the manager is the first person we ask for in case of a dissatisfactory service that we might face. This is because of the influence, authority, and responsibility that a manager holds.

Be it a profit or non-profit organization, management is at the core of every form of a corporation because it is the management that brings order to the chaos of the numerous functions that are performed by the organization. It is hence clearly evident that the demand for management professionals in the job market isn’t going to go down anytime soon. Stated below are the few popular areas amongst many that Management graduates can explore to further their career in the corporate world.

  • Construction Manager: The name itself implies the kind of work involved in such a profession. The responsibilities thata construction manager undertakes are of colossal importance. He/she is in charge of ensuring that the building gets completed safely, at the scheduled time, and with minimal wastage of raw materials. With zero margin for error, this job is as taxing as rewarding. The details involved are to be followed to the jot by such a manager as any mistake can result in catastrophic failure and can be potentially fatal for the parties involved.
  • Environmental Engineer:Though the term engineer may confuse many, it is more closely related to management. The environmental engineer’s primary work is concerning various environmental issues like climate change, population explosion, deforestation, and subsequent urbanization. He/she analyses problems and subsequently divines solutions on how to best manage such a plan and implement it successfully.
  • Human Resource Manager:An HR manager is one of the most popular and in-demand fields in the management industry. An HR deals with the policies and development of the workforce in the organization ensuring that each link in the workforce is competent and capable and provides training and development when and where necessary.
  • Retail Manager: Retail managers mainly undertake the responsibility of outlets and department’s day to day activities with a primary focus on sales, promotion, and managing the staff. His/her main responsibility is to increase profit while minimizing the expenditure and to maintain customer satisfaction effectively.
  • System Analyst: The main responsibilityof a System Analyst is to deal with the systems and IT using computers to modify and consolidate the existing system. The system analyst is involved in bringing in desirable changes as per demands and adapt and integrate the current system to newer modules. Though on managerial lines, the post of a system analyst also demands IT-related knowledge from the prospective applicant as an added criteria.
  • Logistic and Distribution Manager: Logistics and distribution manager’s primary role is to organize raw materials and manufactured goods into proper form for ease of storage and distribution of items. His/her main job is to take note that the appropriate delivery is being made to the proper and respective locations. It is of utmost importance to any business that a proper chain of supply is maintained as it invariably affects the production and distribution of a company.

As you can see, the options for a graduate in management studies are vast and this is what makes management studies quite popular among aspirants. The profile of a manageris not only lucrative from a professional standpoint but also commands status and respect in the society. One such institution that deserves a mention here for its industry-centric management studies is the Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth. Lingaya’s, being one of the Top 10 MBA Colleges in Faridabad, stands tall with its world-class facilities designed to provide the studentswith the best of education. With top of the line equipment and renowned teachers in the field, any student who graduates from this prestigious institute is destined for a life of success. The course curriculum along with the practical experience from experts in the field goes a long way not only securing a bright future for the students but also create the pool of talent that will help build the future of our country and set a standard of example for the next generation to come.