5 Things Every New Manager Must Necessarily Know

Management has always been one of the most opted for career choices, but it differs a lot in theory and application. Studying management and being a manager are two completely different experiences. No matter how efficiently you might have grabbed the intricacies of the management studies, but only when you set your foot on the floor, you realize the real potential of the task. Therefore, it is always essential for new managers to understand the nitty-gritty of their job role. Here in this article today, we, at Lingaya’s Vidyapeeth, recognized as the Top Management Institute in Faridabad, have brought forth for you some of the basic yet necessary things that every new manager must remember and follow to get groomed into an efficient manager over time.

Controlled authority

With the role of a manager comes the power to control a given team, which might have been the earlier peers of the new manager. No matter if you have known the team earlier or it is a fresh group of people for you, as a manager you must remain restrictive about exercising your authorities. During the initial days of managerial tasks, often, the managers tend to overuse their power, which might cause the team to lose confidence in the manager. Therefore, every new manager must know the appropriate way to exercise the given authorities correctly and adequately to maintain a candid relationship with the team to ensure higher productivity and smooth operations.

Balanced attitude

As a manager, you cannot be everyone’s friend. At times, it would be required to contradict some of the team members while at times, it would be absolutely necessary to praise some. Depending on the demand of the situation, managers should appraise or criticize the works done by the team, and a balance between both the gestures must be maintained. A feeling of respect should be there in the team for the manager, and the manager must be capable of claiming and maintaining the same.

Setting employee objective

The key responsibility of a manager is to make the employees work effectively and productively. Setting the employee objectives right is thus an important part of every manager’s role.  Clear, well-defined, measurable, and agreeable objectives lead to higher productivity levels, enhancing one’s potential as a manager.

Encourage an open environment

An open environment is one where everyone can speak their mind liberally. For a new manager, it is important to know the mindset of every employee, and the best way to cultivate it would be to allow the team members to speak up their mind. In an open environment, people also feel free to work, and productivity remains high. Therefore, establishing an environment in which people can feel free is of paramount importance. When a manager assumes the duties, the first thing he/she should implement is the freedom to speak to open more scope for innovation.

Ask for assistance if needed

Being a manager does not mean that you are expected to know everything. Always remain open-minded to learn and to ask for assistance as and when required. Especially if you are a new manager, there would be several occasions and situations when you will find yourself in jeopardy. A piece of advice from a trusted mentor or a higher management person can always be a savior in such a scenario.

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