BCI Approved Law Colleges in Faridabad

Why is Law an Evergreen Profession?

Today, the law has grown as an all-pervasive and inseparable part of everyday life. While almost every sector has been hit by the recent recession and economic downturn, the legal profession is one that has always stood the gloomy times. Lawyers and legal professionals are making their way past with no big deal as so…

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Best Government Approved Universities for LLB in Haryana

How to Decide Upon the Best Law School for Yourself?

Best Government Approved Universities for LLB in Haryana The profession of law is getting more and more important in today’s commercialized corporate world. Previously, the law was considered a family profession, chosen generation-wise, but today, anyone with the traits and passion for the field can pursue law and achieve success in the career. Moreover, the…

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Universities for PHD in Faridabad

Proud Academic Partners of Lingaya’s

Universities for PHD in Faridabad Educational institutions play a crucial role in establishing a robust industry interface and building bridges between students and industries at large. However, in order to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and ideas, institutions and industries have to foster relationships that help in leveraging mutual capabilities. In that sense, the rapidly…

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Top 10 engineering colleges in Gurgaon

Lingaya’s Collaboration with International Universities

Top 10 engineering colleges in Gurgaon India is on the rush towards modernization and economic success with high-tech industries and information technology taking the lead. To get with the flow, it is necessary to equip the country’s manpower with all the required skills, knowledge, and abilities to propel the industry into prosperity. The foundation of…

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Top 10 Engineering Colleges in Faridabad

Best Paid Engineering Degrees in India

Top 10 Engineering Colleges in Faridabad Engineers are the people who are behind the advancements we see today. Talk about technology and they are the ones who step up and take charge of most situations. In India, engineering has always stood as one of the most reputed professions. And, why not? Engineering is one stream…

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List of Pharmacy Colleges in Faridabad

Lingaya’s – Prepare for a Golden Career Ahead

With new innovations and technological advancements taking the industrial sector by storm, it is high time we understand the importance of the quality of education in attaining professional success. For this, it is important that educational institutions focus on teaching and training their students in a way that they reach their maximum potential, make their…

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Technical Education is the Cornerstone of Economic Development

Best Government approved Colleges in Faridabad Technologically dexterous population is the prime iota of any developing nation’s inherent wealth. Such a populace serves as a prime propeller of its fiscal growth. How does it get interlinked? Well, the database that there is a voluminous presence of skilled human resource in the very natal country stimulates…

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