HOD Desk

The university has a very proactive Training and Placement department which not only facilitates the most appropriate internship industrial training, for practical exposure of the subject, but also continuously monitors student's training progress for effective practical hands on industrial skill & experience to ensure that they can rely on those practical learnings during job interviews for success in, virtually, any organisation of the same industry.

The department imparts effective training on communication, behavioural soft skills so that students imbibe those attributes which are required for becoming industry employable.

The department has a very strong industrial network with best national and mulitnational organisations in manufacturing and service sector and keeps arranging campus and off campus drives for giving eligible students the best employment opportunity in organisations of their dreams.

The new initiatives of the department are industry integrated program and management development program for industry specific subjects and creating a conduit between college and that industry to create synergy.

The Training and Placement team is conscious of its responsibilities and keeps itself well versed with latest updates on the industry..